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Haq Parast MNAs Flays the long durations of Load shedding in Karachi

Haq Parast MNAs Flays the long durations of Load shedding in Karachi
 Posted on: 10/4/2013
The Muttahida Quami Movement Haq Parast members of  National Assembly MNAs have strongly condemned the long duration load shedding in different areas of Karachi by Karachi Electric Supply Corporation  (KESC) and demanded of Sui Southern Company( SUI) to provide required amount of gas to KESC to curb the menace of  load shedding in the city.
In their joint statement, they said that already people are badly suffering from the wrath of un announced and long duration of Load shedding due to the out dated system of KESC, now enough gas is not being supplied by the SUI to the KESC which is giving a lame excuse to the KESC to do three hours load shedding thrice a day which is quite deplorable.
The MNAs said that it is a matter of great agony to impose the wrath of load shedding on citizens merely because of the mutual differences and tussle between the KESC and SUI administration.
They further said that Karachi is the hub of economic growth and now these organizations will have to realize their basic responsibility to immediately stop the heinous act of inflicting the Karachiites into mental torture for their personal interests.
The Haq Parast MNAs demanded of Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif, federal interior minister Chaudry Nisar Ali, federal minister for water and electricity Khawaja Asif and Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to take stern notice of the ongoing row between SUI and KESC and imposing of the wrath of load shedding on the citizens and to help citizens to get rid of the menace of the prolonged load shedding.

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