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MQM has never succumbed before the exploitative forces. Syed Amin Ul Haque

 Posted on: 10/2/2013
The member of the Central Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement Syed Amin Ul Haque has said that the workers of MQM MirpurKhas has always proved to be an iron wall against all the conspiracies being launched against the party in different eras and MirpurKhas is the city of the craziest fans of the Founder and Leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain.
The splendid victory of MQM in recent by elections which were held under the army supervision has proved the fact that MQM popularity is increasing day by day.
Mr Haque was expressing these views during his address in a general workers meeting in Baldia complex MirpurKhas zone conducted for the reorganization of the party. 
Mr Haque said that MQM has always struggled against the static, feudalistic and corrupt political system. MQM is being targeted and facing both the internal and external conspiracies just because it has raised its voice against the atrocities and coercive forces.
He said that Mr Hussain is a straightforward and truthful human being and he has never bowed down before the exploitative forces. He further said that due to untiring efforts of Mr Hussain, today the message of righteousness has been disseminated in all the four corners of the country, but the elements threatened of MQM popularity are deliberately doing poisonous propaganda against MQM which is the only representative party of 98% of poor and middle class people.
Mr Haque claimed that people of MirpurKhas in large number are joining the caravan of righteousness and it seems that due to the increasing popularity of MQM in MirpurKhas soon its name will be changed into “Altaf Nagar”.
 While addressing the reorganization meeting the member of Central Coordination Committee Mr Khalid Hussain said that though MQM has secured splendid victory in the past as well but anti MQM elements always propagated negatively about the elections regarding the transparency of the its results.
MQM demanded to conduct recent by elections under the supervision of the army and MQM’s victory in it has given a shocking surprise to its opponents.
On this occasion Mr Haque announced the names of newly elected zonal incharge and members of Zonal committee Mujib ul Haq, ( zonal incharge MQM MirpurKhas zone), Shahbaz Ahmed Khan (joint zonal incharge), Haji Abdul Ghaffor Baroohi (member zonal committee) Mohammed Ibrar Khan Ghouri( member zonal committee) Saleem Raza Qaim Khani ( member zonal committee) Mohammed Shahid Abbasi (member zonal committee) Mohammed Aslam Qureshi (member zonal committee ) , Arif Qaim Khani ( member zonal committee, Aziz Qureshi (member zonal committee) , Khalid Tabbasum (member zonal committee) Chand Sheikh ( member zonal committee.
The meeting was largely attended by ex members of zonal committees , the workers and office bearers of sector units, APMSO, labor division, Medical aid committee, members of ladies wing and other wings office bearers and workers of the party 

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