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 Posted on: 9/20/2017

Geneva. Sep 19, 2017: Eminent human rights activist advocate Adil Ghaffar has placed a demand for the plebiscite for the oppressed Balouch folks and Mohajir Nation. He made this demand in 36th human rights session of the United Nations (UN) here at Geneva on Monday, 18 sep, 2017.

In his address, Advocate Ghaffar told the session that he hails from Mohajir Nation of which Mr. Altaf Hussain is the sole leader and that he has been assigned to represent it on this august forum.

While continuing with his address, he apprised the UN HR session of state repressions and atrocities on Balouch folks and Mohajir Nation in Pakistan and appealed to the UN to step forward for protecting Balouchs and Mohajirs from Pakistan’s military establishment, which is carrying out genocide of these two nations in Pakistan.

He told that the military launched a genocidal military action against Mohajirs in 2013 during which they have kidnapped hundreds of Mohajirs, who are still missing and hundreds have so far been extrajudicially murdered. There are hundreds of MQM workers in jails and unlawful detention of the paramilitary Rangers without any lawful charge.

The international community should step forward for protecting Balouchs and Mohajirs, pressing the state of Pakistan for stopping the atrocities and all other forms of tyranny and genocide.

Advocate Ghaffar while referring to recently held Census in Pakistan told the UN HR session that the state of Pakistan has with a purpose manipulated the Census results by cutting the total population of Mohajir Nation to less than the half and that manipulation has dissipated a strong wave of despondence and frustration among the Mohajir Nation. How it is possible that one of world’s densely populated Mohajir city in the world has lagged 50 percent in population growth in past two decades.

The Mohajir delegate in the UN HR demanded the UN Census Commission should reach Pakistan and initiate steps towards the redressal of concerns of Mohajir Nation.

He urged upon the UN to also on war footing basis initiate action against that antagonistic manipulation of Census results by the state of Pakistan and should supervise a referendum so that Balouch and Mohajir nations in Pakistan may freely decide about their future.

He told the session that MQM seeks support of the international community for guaranteeing the rights of self-determination for Mohajirs and all oppressed communities in Pakistan.

1/24/2021 9:58:10 PM