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It is a conspiracy to implicate MQM in the murder of Advocate Randhawa: Rabita Committee

It is a conspiracy to implicate MQM in the murder of Advocate Randhawa: Rabita Committee
 Posted on: 10/1/2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Rabita Committee has strongly condemned the action of police chief Karachi  AIG Shahid Hayat for implicating MQM in murder of Advocate Randhawa. They said it was a part of conspiracies hatched against the party.
In a statement, Rabita Committee said that AIG had accused MQM of murdering the advocate in a press conference. The AIG Sindh said in his press conference that a person named Kazim Abbas Rizvi was involved in the murder. He was affiliated with MQM and they had arrested him last time. 
Rabitta Committee said that AIG Sindh had leveled a baseless and fabricated charge. This could be judged from his statement. The AIG had claimed that they had arrested him last time. The fact is that Kazim Abbas Rizvi was arrested from his home on 27 September . His neigbours will testify that. He has been in the police custody for the past five days. Today the police chief has implicated him in the murder of Advocate Randhawa by showing his arrest. It clearly shows that MQM rivals have started a media trial of the party. It is well-thought out conspiracy against the popular party of the millions. 
Rabitta Committee deplored that few days ago Police had given a statement after few hours of the murders of police personnel MQM’s MPA Nadeem Hashmi was involved in the murders and a case was registered against him. However, it was proved later that the charges are false. Now they are trying to implicate MQM in the advocate’s murder, which is highly condemnable. 
Rabita said if there were cases registered against MQM’s workers then they must be arrested and produced in the court. If the charges are proved then they should be awarded punishment. It is outrageous a person should be declared a criminal on the basis of accusations. It is wrong to start a media trial of a popular party with a massive public support. 
They said that MQM had always supported measures taken by the government for the restoration of peace in Karachi. The party would continue to support such measures. However, this kind of whispering campaign against a popular party would not be tolerated. 
Rabita Committee demanded that Prime Minister Nawaz and Federal Interior Minister should form monitoring committees the overseeing the targeted operation.  Innocent people will not be targeted this way.

7/23/2018 2:34:36 AM