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Extrajudicial murder of MQM worker M. Yousuf, a continued genocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan: Nadeem Nusrat

Extrajudicial murder of MQM worker M. Yousuf, a continued genocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan: Nadeem Nusrat
 Posted on: 8/7/2017 1
Extrajudicial murder of MQM worker M. Yousuf, a continued genocide of Mohajirs in Pakistan: Nadeem Nusrat

“Security forces personnel in plain clothes kidnapped Muhammad Yousuf, a senior MQM worker from his residence on Jul 17, 2017 and killed him in custody – Court failed to protect him despite a petition was filed in high court – MQM Coordination Committee Convener”

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee Convener Mr. Nadeem Nusrat has strongly condemned the paramilitary Rangers for extrajudicially murdering one more MQM senior worker Muhammad Yousuf. Slain Yousuf was kidnapped by security forces personnel in plain clothes from his residence located in Karachi’s west part area Aligarh-Qasba Colony on Jul 17, 2017. He was taken to an undisclosed torture cell of the paramilitary Rangers where he was subjected to brutal torture. Later, he was killed in custody and the security force had dumped his mutilated body on a village knows as Hawwa Goth situated on a deserted land in west of Karachi.

Charity organisation Edhi Trust had been handed the body of slain Yousuf for secret burial. Later, as a result of untiring search, his family got the clue and recognized by the picture of the slain which matched, but they were deprived of last look and funeral rituals.

He said, "Extrajudicially slain Yousuf was not alone as the military establishment and its paramilitary Rangers have already killed hundreds of MQM workers in custody absolutely extrajudicially and these extrajudicial killings are part of military’s plan of genocide of Mohajirs."

Mr. Nusrat said that it is also not a first case that the family of extrajudicially slain Yousuf had filed a petition in the Sindh High Court for his safe recovery but as usual, justices was denied and resulted in one more mutilated body from extrajudicial murders.

He said that the security forces of Pakistan are without any check and control kidnapping MQM workers one after another and murdering them in custody.

Those not yet murdered are in enforced disappearances category and their whereabouts are shred to no one including courts and any other constitutional institutions, said the MQM Convener, adding that this is all pre-planned genocidal scheme of eliminating Mohajirs under military hands.

Mr. Nusrat said that this sheer barbarism is a candid clear manifest of fake military operation in Karachi against terrorists as it is for the genocide of Mohajirs, instead and time has proven it time and again. The ongoing military operation is meant to crush MQM and force it to discontinue with the struggle for the rights of Mohajir Nation, but they should remember they can’t dictate MQM.

He demanded Pakistani Prime Minister Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to stop the genocide of Mohajirs, stop arbitrary arrests of MQM workers and release all in unlawful detention of the security forces.

He also appealed to Pakistan’s Supreme Court’s Chief Justice to take suo moto notice of extrajudicial murder of MQM senior worker Muhammad Yousuf.

In his appeal to the international human rights organisations, MQM Convener Mr. Nusrat said that they should raise their voices against atrocities on Mohajirs and on genocide of Mohajir Nation by the military of Pakistan.

He expressed his profound grief over death of extrajudicially murdered Yousf to the aggrieved family and prayed for the departed soul.

4/16/2021 3:19:16 AM