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MQM worker killed in custody by paramilitary Rangers

MQM worker killed in custody by paramilitary Rangers
 Posted on: 8/7/2017 1
MQM worker killed in custody by paramilitary Rangers

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement has now once again been aggrieved and saddened by custodial death of one of its senior 50-year aged worker by the paramilitary Rangers in Karachi – Pakistan.

According to details, the extrajudicially murdered Muhammad Yousuf was an active member of MQM Unit No. 125 at Qasba-Aligarh Sector. He was kidnapped by the paramilitary Rangers along security forces personnel in plain clothes from his his relative’s at Altaf Nagar in Orangi Town in Karachi West.

Yousuf’s family had promptly approached the higher court on his enforced disappearance and had filed a petition in the court concerned for his safe recovery but to no avail. The court failed to respond appropriately as usual.

His family members had been wandering to different headquarters of the paramilitary Rangers in the city but they did not share any information about Yusouf with them.

On July 27, mutilated body of Yousuf was found on a distant and deserted land near Hawwa Goth in Orangi Town. Slain Yousuf was brutally tortured and signs of torture were everywhere on his body. He was tortured to worst level that his face had turned dark-blueish.

One of Charity in Karachi, Edhi Trust had picked the mutilated body and buried him on July 30. Later, family of Yousuf got the information and reached the Edhi and recongnised him from a picture from record file.

It was a very agonising situation for the bereaved family to have not availed the opportunity of performing funeral rituals of slain Yousuf because he was already buried by Edhi.

Yousuf was 55 and married. He has left a widow and four children bereaved behind. He was one of top activists of MQM in the area of Qasba-Aligarh in Karachi West.

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