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Altaf Hussain strongly condemns the explosion near a church in Peshawar.

Altaf Hussain strongly condemns the explosion near a church in Peshawar.
 Posted on: 9/22/2013
London: 22 September 2013
The Founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussein has strongly condemned the brutal attack by terrorists near a church in Peshawar's Kohati  gate, which is in Qissa Khawani bazaar. Mr. Hussain has expressed his deep sorrow and pain over the deaths and injuries caused by the attack.
In a statement, he deplored over the bomb blast said Pakistan had always championed the cause of minorities’ rights. However, today’s bomb blast in which 25 people have been killed and more 50 have been injured. It is shameful that that this attack was carried out at a time when Christian brothers had gathered for Sunday’s Prayers. 
Mr. Hussain said that the attack had saddened compassionate Pakistanis. He urged the government of Pakistan to provide everything needed for the treatment of injured people. He appealed to the government to give compensation to the bereaved families quickly. He said that we could not compensate for a life. However, this assistance gives some relief to the bereaved families.
Mr. Hussain has made an appeal to all Pakistanis specially political and religious parties to stage a protest over these cowardly acts jointly to tell the International community that we care about our minorities and consider them equal citizens of Pakistan.
He also urged doctors and paramedical staff to offer their services for the treatment of the injured. He has made an appeal to people to personally console with the bereaved families and provide assistance to the affected people. 
Mr. Hussain has urged office bearers and workers MQM Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to offer blood donations for the injured people and look after them. 

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