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Rabita Committee demands dismissal of false case against Nabil Gabol

 Posted on: 9/20/2013
MQM’s Rabita Committee has strongly condemned the registration of murder case of Zafar Baloch, an influential gangster of Lyari responsible for gang war in the area, against Haq Parast National Assembly Member Nabil Gabol.  
They have termed the registration of the case a continuation of the political revenge.  In a statement, they said he was in Islamabad when  Zafar Baloch was killed. He is there to attend the National Assembly session. They said he was killed near Bizenjo Chowk Chakiwara,which is regarded as the den of Gangsters responsible for  gang war in Lyari. Despite these facts, a case was registered against Haq Parast National Assembly Member. It shows their bias and enmity towards MQM.  This act is highly condemnable 
Rabita Committee said few days ago a false case was registered against Haq Parast Member of Provincial Assembly Nadeem Hashmi. However, it was proved after an impartial enquiry that charges against him were false and he was acquitted. They said that registration of false case against Nabil Gabol was done because of feelings of hatred towards MQM. They said the false case is being registered to provide protection to the real killers of Zafar Baloch, which is a highly condemnable act.
They have made an appeal to the President Mamnoon Hussain, Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef, and Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar and demanded that they take notice of this illegal and unjust act and take back the case. The enquiry can tell us about the conspirators and their heinous plan. They appealed to them to stop the political victimization of MQM and the arrests of MQM’s elected members and workers.

5/22/2018 10:35:26 AM