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Conduct Negotiations with Taliban on equal terms: Altaf Hussain

Conduct Negotiations with Taliban on equal terms: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/17/2013
The Founder and leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain deplored that Taliban has been carrying out their suicide attacks everywhere in the country. They are attacking schools, Imam Bargahs and defense installations. Their subversive activities have put the honor of the army and the government at stake because they are challenging the writ of the state.
He said we would become Somalia if did not resist these terrorists. We should conduct negotiations with Taliban for peace, but it should be on equal terms. 
Mr. Hussain assured the armed forces of Pakistan and Prime Minister Nawaz shareef he would support their bold decisions for the integrity of Pakistan and restoration of government’s writ.
He expressed these views while addressing gatherings of his supporters and workers across Pakistan in different cities, which were held to celebrate his birthday. He celebrated his birthday as a ‘Peace Day’. Participants attended the gathering wearing white dresses. Mr. Hussain said that people are watching his speech in 36 places. This indicates that MQM’s message is no longer confined to Karachi. I accept gatherings in other cities are small but they tell us that MQM has emerged as the party of the oppressed in Pakistan.
MQM has not achieved this position overnight. It has reached here after a struggle of 60 years. Participants in today’s gatherings are dressed in white.  This white color is giving a message to the people they should bury the past and work for the restoration of peace in Pakistan because Pakistan is passing through a bad time. So we have to correct our mistakes of the past and work for peace together. 
Mr. Hussain said we had started to convey the message of peace to everyone. He urged people to support him on this initiative and correct his mistakes. He assured that he was ready to correct his mistake. He said he and his followers would do so because they had devoted their lives for the better future of next generations and strong and stable Pakistan.
He deplored that MQM’s workers were being gunned down. Today, scores of MQM’s workers have been killed and injured. Few months ago MQM’s five workers were kidnapped. We still don’t know anything about them. MQM or the rulers cannot escape the wrath of God if they abuse their powers. 
Addressing the scholars, intellectuals and anchor persons, he urged them to forgive him if he had uttered harsh words for them. He offered an unconditional apology. He said that he was a humane being like them. He could make mistakes. 
He said the no one could force him to give up his love for Pakistan. I will always be Pakistani. I was proud to be a Pakistani. I still feel proud to be a Pakistani.  He said he had been living UK under stress. I don’t want to be away from my friends.  He said that he had been living alone in UK with deep pain and sorrow. 
Mr. Hussain said Pakistan was established 67 years ago. We should analyze what have we lost and gained during these years.  We had got this country after the sacrifices of 20 lakh people. During the struggle, our sisters were raped and kids and young men were slaughtered. We should realize how we got this independence. We did not respect the sacrifices of the people and put the Pakistan on the wrong track.  We have become corrupt. We begged to Americans and Britain. We tilted towards Russians for aid. We did not do anything for Pakistan.
Mr. Hussain said that MQM objected over the bill for negotiation with Taliban when it was tabled in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa by the Awami National Party. They censured MQM for this. We said that we were not against the negotiation. We said that rules of negotiation should not be ignored.  Taliban broke the agreement. 
We supported the All Parties conference convened to discuss the peace agreement with Taliban. Chief of the Army Staff and ISI’s head were also present. All the parties supported the peace agreement with Taliban because they wanted to restore peace and prosperity in Pakistan and protect the lives of our people.  That’s why we supported the peace initiative.  Taliban attacked Pak Army officers in which Major General Sana-Ullah Niza and Lt. Col Tauseef were martyred. I pray to Allah for give His blessings to the martyrs.
Mr. Hussain said we made wrong decisions in the Afghan war and pushed Pakistan in debt crisis. We made training camps in Pakistan where provided training to Mujaheedins. Though Russia suffered a defeat, but Pakistan suffered too immensely.  We are still experiencing the affects of Afghan war. Suicide attacks are being carried out everywhere in Pakistan. Terrorists are attacking schools, mosques, tombs, Imam Bargahs and defense installations. 
Mr. Hussain said we are unable to negotiate with Talibans. They are attacking our armed forces. They have martyred hundreds of officers and Jawans. It requires time to train and prepare an officer like Major General Sanaullah Niazi.
Mr. Hussain has made an appeal to the rulers and the armed forces they should conduct negotiations with them, but it should be on equal terms. They are attacking our forces and we are burying our martyrs. Pakistan will become Somalia if do not resist them.  He assured to the Chief of Army and Prime that MQM would support their bold decisions. If you find any terrorist in the ranks of MQM take action him too. MQM will not raise objections.

7/17/2018 6:50:22 PM