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MQM laments on flood in Chitral

MQM laments on flood in Chitral
 Posted on: 7/3/2016 1
MQM laments on flood in Chitral
KARACHI, 03-07-2016:
The Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement expressed its deep sorrow and grief over the loss of precious lives and properties in Chitral after heavy rainfall.
In a statement, the Coordination Committee said that the National Disaster Management Cell (NDMC) should immediately be activated to coup the current situation. It said that several people were killed and numbers of houses were also washed off during the current wave of flood.
The Committee said that hundreds of families were left homeless and forced to live under open sky during such harsh weather and it was government’s responsibility to immediately rehabilitate them. It criticized the authorities and said that if the people were timely informed about the possible flood they would have arranged some alternates.
The Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement condemned the criminal negligence of the authorities and demanded to announce emergency in Chitral and immediately compensated the people who lost their loved ones and properties. It also prayed Almighty Allah to confer high eternal ranks to the demises and give courage to the bereaved families to bear the loss.

3/30/2017 1:28:18 PM
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27 Mar 2017