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Those want to repeat the dark history of 1992 will not succeed in their sinister plan: Haq Parast Senators

Those want to repeat the dark history of 1992 will not succeed in their sinister plan: Haq Parast Senators
 Posted on: 9/14/2013
Karachi: 14 September, 2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s has deplored that targeted operation planned for the elimination of terrorists in Karachi has been diverted to MQM. The arrest and registration of fabricated cases against former Haq Parast MPA and hundreds of MQM’s workers is an example of the bias and discriminatory treatment of Muhajirs. Those want to repeat the dark history of 1992 will not succeed in their sinister plan.
In a joint statement the Haq Parasat senators said, MQM has a huge mandate of the people of Karachi. It is wrong to push MQM to the wall and start targeted operation against it in order to take action against terrorists for the restoration peace in Karachi.
Raids are being conducted on homes. Raiding parties are insulting and abusing mothers, sisters and elders. They are registering false and fabricated cases against the arrested people. All these actions are illegal and unconstitutional. We fail to understand the dictatorial behavior in a democratic government.
The way the targeted operation has been diverted to MQM. We can say that it is a preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history. They have initiated a campaign of hatred and ethnic strife. People behind this diabolical game are providing legal and constitutional support to terrorists. They are trying to snatch MQM’s mandate in order to provide them protection. This is not in the interest of the country.
Everyone knows that People’s Party’s government in Sindh is patronizing terrorists. These terrorists have made lives of the businessmen, industrialists and people miserable. We and people of Karachi were expecting that Muslim League (N) would not repeat its biased policies and would work for the solution of problems and crisis faced by Karachi’s people. We were expecting they would work in collaboration with the Karachi’s representative party for the solution of problems and restore peace in Karachi again. It is deplorable that the federal government has made Chief Minister of Sindh the head of the targeted operation and has not formed the committees for monitoring of the operation.
They lamented how peace could be restored in Karachi when the patrons of terrorists would oversee the targeted operation. The way People’s Party and Sindh government has destroyed the peace of Karachi. It gives the impression to the democratic people of Pakistan these are not democratic actions but manifestation of feudal thinking. People will remember their actions as the darkest period of parliamentary history.
Haq Parast Senators has demanded of Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef and Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali khan to take notice of the development. why the operation has been diverted against MQM, which is the sole representative of Karachi’s people. It is a violation of democratic traditions.
They urged them to release the former member of Sindhi Assembly Nadeem Hashmi and MQM workers, who were arrested illegally. The prevailing condition in the country compels to shun political interests and act in the wider interest of the nation. They should expose people behind the conspiracy who have tried to make this operation controversial by turning the operation towards MQM.

7/16/2018 7:52:03 AM