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Political appointments of police officers have revealed their intensions: Rabita Committee

Political appointments of police officers have revealed their intensions: Rabita Committee
 Posted on: 9/12/2013
MQM’s Rabita Committee has commented that the appointments of police officers on political basis have revealed their motives and intentions. These appointments have indicated the government wants to take action on political basis.  They deplored that how the actions for the restoration of peace could be termed impartial and transparent when  the government wanted to carry out operations through their favorite officers. 
Rabita Committee has expressed concerned that monitoring committee consisting of members of media, civil society and people from other walks of lives, has not formed yet. They have appealed to the Prime Minister and the Federal Interior Minister to form monitoring committee immediately so operation can be monitored. They should ensure targeted operation against the criminals should not become the victim of politics. They urged that discriminatory and prejudiced behavior should not be displayed during the operation. 
They said that targeted operation has been diverted against MQM. The arrests of MQM leaders and workers and registration of false and fabricated cases has revealed their cruel intention. It is now clear that targeted operation has been launched against MQM.  They are implicating MQM office bearers and workers instead of taking action against  criminals, extortionists and terrorists belonging to banned outfits. The arrest of MQM’s former member of Sindh assembly and the registration of a murder case against him is the worst example of political victimization.  
Rabita Committee has made an appeal to the human rights organizations and members of civil societies to raise their voices over the targeted operation against MQM on the pretext of target operation.

7/19/2018 10:01:52 PM