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The operation meant for the elimination of criminals in Karachi is being politicized: Rabita Committee

The operation meant for the elimination of criminals in Karachi is being politicized: Rabita Committee
 Posted on: 9/11/2013
MQM’s Rabita Committee has said that the arrest and registration of FIR against former Haq Parast member of Provincial assembly Nadeem Hashmi indicates that the operation meant for the elimination of criminals in Karachi is being politicized. Police said that Mr. Nadeem Hashim has attacked and killed two police men. How could a 50 year old engineer do that on his motor cycle ?
Rabita Committee has made an appeal to the prime Nawaz Shareef and Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar to investigate into the arrest of Mr. Nadeem Hashmi and registration of a false case. They said they some people have conspired to sabotage their efforts for the restoration peace in Karachi. They said that we must find out people behind this conspiracy. It is essential for the restoration of peace and solidarity of the country.
These views were expressed by MQM Rabita Committee’s Member Haider Abbas Rizvi in a press conference. Nasreen Jalil, Amir Khan, Ahmed Salim Siddiqui and Khalid Sultan were present in the press conference. 
Haider Abbas Rizvi said that people of Karachi has given mandate to MQM for the eleventh time.  MQM is the representative of the city. It represents people of different sects and ethnicity in the city.  Karachi’s peace is very dear to MQM that’s why they supported and welcome the targeted operation to rid this city of criminals, extortionists and gangsters belonging to People’s Aman Committee. 
Rizvi said that they had informed the prime minister and the Interior minister about their apprehensions that some people might try to politicize this operation. If that happens, it will cast doubt on the transparency and impartiality of the operation. 
Rizvi said that police response has shocked us. When we contacted police after the arrest of Nadeem Hashmi, we got the reply that they had orders to arrest MQM’s unit in-charges if incidents occur in their areas. He deplored that if the government has formulated this policy then its consequences would be disastrous. It indicates that someone is trying to sabotage the initiatives taken by the federal government for the restoration of peace in Karachi. He added we have seen the bad affects of 19 June 1992 operation. 
Rizvi also pointed out some illegal actions of the police parties who have raided MQM offices. He informed the journalists they ransacked MQM’s offices and took away LCD, television sets, fax machines and other valuable items. He termed it looting.
Rizvi deplored people and rangers are willing to raid areas which are infested with criminals. They raid in Ancholi area and are not willing to raid Al-Asif Square because criminals fire at them with rocket launchers and machine guns. The operation is being carried out in those areas where MQM’s supporters live.
He said young Urdu speakers were pulled down from buses, sodomized and cut them into pieces and their bodies are dumped. Police have not been able to arrest these brutal killers. 
Rizvi said that it appears prime minister and federal minister efforts will be wasted. Once again false and fabricated cases have been made against MQM. Its leaders, workers and office bearers are being implicated in false cases. People who think that MQM can be crushed with state oppression, they are wrong.  They have tested MQM’s resolution in the past. MQM will carry on its struggle for the people of Sindh and Pakistan.  MQM reserves the right to register its protest in legal and democratic way.

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