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Propaganda and smear campaigns have been unleashed to discredit MQM: Haider Abbass Rizvi

Propaganda and smear campaigns have been unleashed to discredit MQM: Haider Abbass Rizvi
 Posted on: 9/6/2013 1
US Embassy in Pakistan has termed the report baseless and fabricated for 19000 missing containers
Member of Central Coordination Committee of Muttahida Quami Movement, Syed Hyder Abbas Rizvi has strongly condemned fabricated and concocted stories were disseminated to malign MQM. The members of MQM coordination committee  Mrs Nasreen Jalil, Mr. Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui, Mr. Aslam Khan Afridi , and former Minster Ports and Shipping Senator Babar Khan Ghori were also present in the Press Conference.  Mr. Rizvi said that conspiracies and propaganda have been going on since MQM’s inception. The propaganda and smearing campaigns have been unleashed to discredit MQM and turn people against the party which has emerged out of the middle class. They are doing this to restrict MQM and stop it from spreading its message across Pakistan.
Fabricated and concocted stories were disseminated to malign MQM. False cases were registered against Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain, MQM’s leaders, elected representatives, office bearers and workers.  
By the Grace of Allah, sacrifices of our martyrs, prayers of our mothers, sisters and elders all the conspiracies hatched against MQM failed. The country’s apex courts acquitted MQM’s leaders and workers. The conspirators suffered ignominy. 
In the past they accused MQM of hatching Jinnahpur conspiracy in order to prove their lies they presented the fabricated maps to the nation. However, people have seen that those who accused MQM of Jinnahpur conspiracy themselves accepted on Media that it was a conspiracy. 
Pakistan is passing through a very difficult time. The nation is facing a variety of problems and challenges. At this time the nation needs unity to fight these challenges and crisis, we should avoid the politics of animosity and hypocrisy.
We deplore that at this critical time they are still conspiring against MQM and hatching plans to crush MQM instead of accepting MQM’s mandate. 
We have invited today to explain our position on the fabricated report about the Muhajir Republican Army. You all know a fabricated report was submitted in the Supreme Court few days about the presence of the ‘Muhajir Republican Army’.  It was also informed to the court that 19000 NATO containers containing arms and ammunition were stolen from the Karachi Port. It was also said that the stolen arms were being used in terrorist acts in the city. They put the blame for this crime on MQM’s Former Minister of Ports and shipping, Senator Babar Ghori.
MQM’s rivals and biased anchors have unleashed a new smearing campaign against MQM. We saw how they spat venom against MQM on their channels. However, the US Embassy in Pakistan has termed the report baseless and fabricated. The US Embassy has vehemently denied the report of the stolen containers carrying arms and ammunition and said they never used Karachi port for the transportation of American or ISAF arms. They accepted they use the port for diplomatic and military shipments. Neither United States nor ISAF has ever shipped weapons or ammunition via Karachi ports. The statement said:
“All United States government and ISAF cargo shipments are subject to inspection by Pakistani customs authorities. The United States and ISAF use carriers who are licensed and bonded by Pakistani Customs authorities. The United States tracks and accounts for all military cargo shipments worldwide, including those shipments entering and transiting Pakistan.”
The statement from the US Embassy has clarified the matter. It is clear now that the report about the missing containers is fabricated and it has the debunked the lies of the MQM haters and bashers. They used the false report to spat their venom against MQM and displayed their bias. Allah curses the liars who fabricate things.
We make an appeal once again that the country is passing through a bad time and urge them to stop their propaganda against MQM and give up their bias towards the party because of the crisis and challenges faced by us for the integrity of Pakistan.

7/20/2018 3:28:24 PM