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MQM terms demand of calling army in Karachi `constitutional & justified’

MQM terms demand of calling army in Karachi `constitutional & justified’
 Posted on: 8/28/2013
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Muttahida Quami Movement’s Coordination Committee Member, Syed Amin-ul-Haq, said here that the party’s demand for handing over Karachi to army for the restoration of law and order and for the protection of the lives and properties of citizens was lawful and strictly in accordance with constitution.
Reacting to the elements opposing the MQM’s demand of calling army in the city, the MQM leader said that as a matter of fact such elements were enemies of Karachi and its citizens.
“Isn’t it double-standards that a demand for calling army for the verification of voters’ lists, carrying out de-limitation work, conducting by-elections can be justified whereas Altaf Hussain’s demand for handing over Karachi to army for the protection of lives, properties and honour was being described as uncalled for”, Mr Haq remarked.
He was speaking at a press briefing along with Mohammed Amin, father of Muttahida’s martyred worker, Farhan and other members of the bereaved family shortly after burial of the deceased at Yasinabad graveyard. The Coordination Committee’s Member Khalid Sultan and members of Karachi Tanzeemi Committee and other wings of party were also present on the occasion.
Mentioning that the MQM since its inception believes in the policy of “live and let live”, Mr Amin deplored that only this week five MQM workers were brutally murdered whereas the killing of unarmed innocent citizens, kidnapping for ransom, extortion, dumping of mutilated dead bodies, bomb attacks, targeted killing have become a matter of routine in the city.
He said that although the terrorists who have been roaming freely in every nook and cranny of the city had killed 150 people in August only, the government having no writ had not arrested the culprits.
Referring to the accesses being meted out to Kutchhi community, he regretted that thousands of families belonging to the community were compelled by the armed terrorists of Lyari’s People’s Amn Committee to take shelter in Thatta and Badin to save their lives and honour.
“In fact, the terrorists who enjoy the patronage of Sindh government have made Karachi hostage,” he said, adding that when the Kutcchi community people returned to their homes in Lyari they were attacked with hand-grenades and sophisticated arms.
Mr Amin said that sincerity of those ruling Sindh could be gauged from the fact that soon after taking oath they attended a party in Lyari hosted by the Lyari gangsters,” he queried.
Earlier, the Muttahida’s slain worker was laid to rest at Yasinabad graveyard amidst moving scenes. The funeral ceremony was largely attended by members of MQM’s Coordination Committee, KTC and its different wings, Haq Parast elected representatives, friends, relatives and family members of the deceased.

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