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Dr Sattar conveys Altaf Hussain’s message to Bohra community

Dr Sattar conveys Altaf Hussain’s message to Bohra community
 Posted on: 8/21/2013
The Muttahida Quami Movement’s Parliamentary Leader in the National Assembly, Dr Farooq Sattar, on Wednesday, met Bohra community leaders during his visit to Dawoodi Bohra Jamaat Khana, Hyderi and Dawoodi Jamaat mosque `Masjid-ul-Hakeemi’, located in North Nazimabad’s Block F.
The MQM leader and the Bohra community leaders, including Sheikh Zohaib Mithaiwala and Pesh Imam Mr Yayha during their meeting discussed a number of issues facing the country which included terrorism, extremism and socio-economic.
Haq Parast parliamentarians and people belonging to Bohra community Abdul Hussaini Ratlamwala, Sheikh Imran Sabir, Sheikh Abbas, Mulla Mohammad Ali Ei, Saifi Bhai Antria, Ismail Gharyal, Noman, Mehmmod, Murtaza and a large number of the community members were also present on the occasion.
Talking to Bohra community members, Dr Sattar said that the purpose of his visit was to convey the MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s message. The MQM chief in his message has said that if we wanted to save the Pakistan then we will have to respect the people belonging to all religions and sects and by getting rid of all sorts of hatred.
Dr Sattar on this occasion said that “since Pakistan was made by the ancestors of the Bohra community and ours, it was incumbent upon us to make joint efforts to help save the country from the clutches of the extremists, terrorists and criminal mafia.”
Elaborating, Dr Sattar said that Mr Hussain wanted to make Pakistan a sovereign country and to attain this goal it was necessary to enforce a local government system in accordance with people’s aspirations which is the essence of democracy. “People should not be misled by introducing fake and experimented British system, instead a people’s welfare-oriented system be implemented whereby the country could make progress and prosper,” Dr Sattar quoted Mr Hussain as saying.

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