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Raja Pervez Ashraf thanks Altaf Hussain for support

Raja Pervez Ashraf thanks Altaf Hussain for support
 Posted on: 6/22/2012
Mr Raja Pervez Ashraf, the candidate nominated by the PPP for the office of the prime minister, telephoned MQM founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain, and thanked him for supporting his candidature. He said that he also belonged to the grass-roots like Mr Hussain and said it was a matter of pride for him that Mr Hussain had supported him in the election. He said that there were many challenges but hoped that the country would be pulled out of present challenges by making united efforts.
Mr Hussain congratulated Mr Ashraf on being nominated for the office of the prime minister and added that he was happy that Mr Ashraf had reached at this place from grass-roots level. He said that loyalty to one’s party was a basic trait and only those who stand the test of time can hope to get dignity and position.
Mr Hussain said that the country was facing a number of serious problems and crises and prayed for courage and determination for Mr Ashraf to solve those problems.
Mr Ashraf thanked Mr Hussain for his prayers and encouragement. Advisor on Interior Mr Rehman Malik also spoke to Mr Hussain and thanked him on behalf of President Zardari for supporting the PPP in every difficult time. He also appreciated his role for the promotion of democracy.

6/20/2018 4:14:50 PM