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Days of Sindh PPP govt numbered with the passage of unconstitutional LG Act: Altaf Hussain

Days of Sindh PPP govt numbered with the passage of unconstitutional LG Act: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 8/19/2013
Pictures of MirpurKhas Rally
Pictures of PS-103 North Nazimabad Rally
Pictures of PS-95 Orangi Rally
Pictures of NA-254 Korangi Rally
Terming the Sindh’s People’s Party government’s act of getting approved Sindh Government Local Government Act-2013 from the Provincial Assembly `a violation of Constitution’s Article 140-A’, Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain said here on Monday that the days of the provincial PPP government have been numbered with the adoption of this unlawful and illegal Bill.
PPP government by adopting British Empire’s local government system has, in fact, initiated the process of spreading hatred between rural and urban population of Sindh, he added.    
Mr Hussain was addressing different mammoth gatherings held simultaneously at North Nazimabad, Korangi, Orangi and Mirpurkhas, in connection with the Aug-22 by-elections over telephone. It was largely attended by women, children, youths and children. 
The huge gathering was also addressed by MQM’s Coordination Committee’s deputy conveners and the Haq Parast candidates for NA-254 (Korangi), Mohammad Ali Rashid, PS-103 (North Nazimabad, Nazimabad-Gulbahar), Rauf Siddiqui, PS-95 (Orangi) Mohammad Hussain and PS-64 (Mirpurkhas City), Dr Zafar Ahmed Kamali.
MQM’s MNAs, MPAs and Senators as well as the brother and son of Haq Parast’s martyred provincial legislators – Sajid Quraishi and Syed Raza Haider -- were also present on the stage.
At the outset, Mr Hussain assured the armed force and the federal government that MQM’s workers and people across the country would fully cooperate with them for the defense and survival of the country.  
Lashing out at the Sindh’s PPP government for creating wedge between Sindhis and non-Sindhis, Mr Hussain urged the people of Sindh to prepare themselves physically and mentally for a peaceful movement which the MQM would soon launch against the local government Act as it was  aimed at further dividing rural and urban population of the province.
He said that the MQM since its inception had been struggling to wipe out the differences between rural and urban population, besides promoting religious tolerance.
The MQM chief said that the PPP under its policy of divide and rule had created a wedge between Sindhis and non-Sindhis by initiating the process of divide and rule but the people of Sindh would foil the dictatorial conspiracy of the PPP by demonstrating unity in their rank and file.
He said that though the PPP through its coercive measures wanted to divide Sindh, it would, Inshallah, lead to the process of the PPP’s division.
The MQM chief exhorted the workers not to be discouraged in the wake of national and international conspiracies hatched against him. “I can get my head beheaded but won’t bow my head before the `Yazeedi’ forces,” Mr Hussain declared.
The MQM chief on this occasion urged the federal government that it by remaining within the parameters of the Constitution and law should get justice to the MQM and its voters.
He also assured the MQM’s unconditional support to the federal government under any trying and difficult circumstances.
On this occasion, Mr Hussain announced that an accountability organization, headed by its former Senator Ahmed Ali, had been set up by the MQM and urged the party leaders, workers and elected representatives to extend their full cooperation to the accountability set-up of the party.
Earlier, Mr Hussain introduced the Haq Parast candidates taking part in the Aug 22 by-elections and they included NA-254 (Mohammad Ali Rashid), PS-95 (Mohammad Hussain), PS-103 (Abdul Rauf Siddiqui), PS-64 (Dr Zafar Ahmed Kamali) and urged the Haq Parast people to make them successful in the election. 

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