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I am physically away from Pakistan, however, spiritually always remained amongst my people:Altaf Hussain

I am physically away from Pakistan, however, spiritually always remained amongst my people: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 8/17/2013
If the British Police arrests me, party members and supporters must remain committed and determined
MQM is not against any ethno-linguistic group or community, and respects the rights of all
Address to the office bearers & workers in Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas
MQM Founder & Leader Mr Altaf Hussain has stated that he is physically away from Pakistan for the past 21 years, however, spiritually he has always remained amongst his people and no power on earth can distance him away from his people. He was addressing the office bearers, workers and supporters of the MQM at its zonal offices in Mirpurkhas and Hyderabad in connection with the coming by-elections of 22 August. Members of National and Provincial Assemblies were also present on this occasion.
Mr Hussain said that sometimes a leader struggling for the rights of oppressed people and following his mission is imprisoned in his own city, thus being compelled to stay physically away from his people. However, it is irony of fate that sometimes one is not imprisoned but still decides to live a life away from everyone for the sake of his belief, cause and mission and because of the fact that he is not willing to go against his conscience. He said that arrests, false cases and difficulties of imprisonment are part of struggle. 
While narrating his personal struggle, Mr Hussain said that he faced difficult and testing times and false and fabricated cases, imprisonment, but never compromised on his principles and beliefs. Time proved that all allegations levelled against him were baseless and Allah Almighty vindicated him, his Movement and its members and supporters. Addressing his workers he said that even if the British Police arrests him, Party members and supporters must remain committed and determined as their leader, Altaf Hussain, is innocent and is not afraid of confinement or any other action. 
Mr Hussain stressed that MQM is not against any ethno-linguistic group or community – and respects the rights of all. In the past MQM got a Sindhi speaking elected to the Parliament from an Urdu-speaking dominated Azizabad in Karachi and now a Baloch has been elected from the same thus practically demonstrating that we are against no one. The so-called nationalist leaders merely raise the slogan of Sindh dharti (motherland) to show their love for Sindhis, whereas, Mr G. M. Syed himself in his lifetime announced that if there is someone who could get the due rights of Sindh – it is Altaf Hussain. 
Addressing the communities of Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas Mr Hussain said that when following the principle of realism you have supported Altaf Hussain then you must consider yourself to be of one community. Haq Parast (righteous) people belong to one community; therefore, they must get united for the attainment of their usurped rights. In my eyes, all communities are equal and I respect them all, he said. 
Mr Hussain thanked the small and medium traders, shop-owners, hawkers, rickshaw drivers, representatives of Baloch Ittehad, Mewati community, Kaimkhani community, and all other communities who have announced their open support for the MQM candidate in the forthcoming by-elections.  He assured them the MQM elected representatives will make all efforts and leave no stone unturned for the resolution of their problems and issues. He prayed to Allah Almighty that MQM will emerge victorious on 22 August and will serve the constituents.
Mr Hussain said that Mirpurkhas is the stronghold of the MQM; however, unfortunately, armed persons have occupied polling stations in previous elections in the rural areas and thrown out our polling staff from these polling stations to cast bogus votes in huge numbers. He demanded of the Election Commission and the Government to ensure free and fair elections in Mirpurkhas. If the Government fails to do so then the people will reserve the right to protest.  He said that despite all the highhandedness and difficulties, the sentiments and commitment of MQM workers remain high. He addressed the student workers of APMSO to pay attention to their education and use their energy for the struggle of peoples rights. Specially addressing the mothers and sisters he requested them to join the struggle shoulder to shoulder alongside their brothers and work for the success of our candidate in the coming by-elections. Member of Coordination Committee Khalid Sultan, Incharge MQM Hyderabad Zone Muhammad Shareef, Incharge MQM Mirpurkhas Zone Shabbir Qaimi, Members of Zonal Committees, Members of National and Provincial Assemblies Nabeel Gabol, Ashfaq Manghi, other office bearers, mothers and sisters assured Mr Hussain that they will work day and night tirelessly for the historic success of MQM candidates in the coming by-elections.

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