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Altaf Hussain advises Waseem Akhter to serve people of Karachi without any discrimination

Altaf Hussain advises Waseem Akhter to serve people of Karachi without any discrimination
 Posted on: 12/17/2015
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has advised Mayor-designate Waseem Akhter to serve all ethnic and linguistic entities living in Karachi without any discrimination. While talking to Waseem Akhter at the MQM’s International Secretariat in London, he said that he would be mayor of entire Karachi and not just Urdu-speaking people.
Mr Hussain said, “Karachi is a cosmopolitan city which is inhabited by people belonging to different nationalities, linguistic and ethnic entities, and followers of different religions.”
He asked Waseem Akhter to serve all the people without any discrimination.
“Karachi is facing numerous problems hence the new mayor and deputy mayor, all district chairmen, UC chairmen and councilors should work for improving the situation.”
Mr Hussain said the municipal services, water supply and sewerage system should be improved. He said that water reservoirs, schools and hospitals should be built. A good transport system should be introduced and new flyovers and bridges should be built.
Mr Hussain said that the new mayor should also work for improving the law and order situation of the city with the help of police, rangers and other law-enforcement agencies
He told Waseem Akhter that workers were the backbone of the MQM and he should ensure that their sentiments were not hurt.
Waseem Akhter thanked Mr Altaf Hussain and the Co-ordination Committee for designating him as the new mayor of Karachi. 
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