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Petition submitted to Amnesty International on Human Rights Violations in Pakistan

Petition submitted to Amnesty International on Human Rights Violations in Pakistan
 Posted on: 10/26/2015
Members of the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) met with Amnesty International in London today where they submitted a petition regarding ongoing human rights violations taking place in Pakistan against party members.
Meeting with representatives of Amnesty International, the MQM delegation requested Amnesty International to highlight the regime that MQM workers are subjected to in Karachi.
Sumeta Afzal Syed, Member of Parliament of MQM, said “We hope that our petition will serve to remind Amnesty International of the daily regime of suppression experienced by our party workers in one of the world’s largest cities. Since 2013, in over 5,000 illegal raids, over 4000 MQM workers and supporters have been arrested by Para-military Rangers, of whom over 140 are still missing. 50 have been extra judicially killed."
The United Nations has raised concern over missing persons in Karachi, stating in its annual report that a pattern is emerging where MQM workers are being illegally abducted.
 MQM is the fourth largest elected political party in Pakistan, and the second largest in the province of Sindh. It is a liberal, tolerant and progressive party that defends the interests of all those who suffer from Pakistan’s outmoded but still powerful feudal structures and a ruling elite who over many decades have used those structures to consolidate their grip on power. It stands firmly against the Talibans and all forms of fanaticism and extremism.

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