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MQM legislators slam nepotism in SPSC

MQM legislators slam nepotism in SPSC
 Posted on: 8/5/2013 1
Members of Sindh Assembly belonging to Muttahida Qaumi Movement have strongly condemned the nepotism shown in Sindh Public Service Commission’s (SPSC) examinations.
Referring to media reports whereby sons and relatives of the SPSC’s chairman and members were favoured in its examinations, the MQM legislators in a statement issued on Monday said that according to the reports the SPSC’s chairman’s two sons, each under rural and urban quotas, and his three nephews were declared passed whereas the relatives of other members of the Commission were also favoured in the examinations.
Terming the prevailing nepotism in the SPSC `unjustified and open murder of merit’, the MQM MPAs said that such an act of the part of the Commission’s chairman and members amounted to depriving meritorious students as they were neither called for interviews nor their abilities were judiciously judged.
Lashing out at the Commission for indulging in nepotism, the MQM legislators said that the sense of deprivation that has nurtured among the citizens of Sindh, particularly youths, owing to continued injustices being meted out to them was increasing with each passing day.
The MQM legislators demanded of Sindh government to take immediate notice of the acts of nepotism in the SPSC, provide jobs to youths purely on merit and declare the results null and void of all those who were declared passed due to nepotism. 

7/21/2018 4:59:56 AM