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A local government system is the true spirit and nursery of democracy in any country: Altaf Hussain

A local government system is the true spirit and nursery of democracy in any country: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/22/2015
London: 22nd September 2015.  MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said local government system is the true spirit and nursery of democracy in any country. “A country that does not have a local government system cannot be called a democratic country.”
He was addressing a meeting of the different departments at the MQM headquarters called for discussing the upcoming local government elections.
“In any country both long-term and short-term development projects are planned for the progress and prosperity. Water supply, sewerage, the building of roads, bridges, flyovers and cleaning of storm water drainage system are not done by the federal government throughout the world.”
“Every country has a local government system that looks after these issues. It is the responsibility of the local governments to provide basic civic amenities including transport services to its people.”
Mr Hussain said the local government system plays a pivotal role towards the achievement of good governance. “It is the nursery of democracy and countries cannot be run smoothly without an efficient local government system.”
“Countries that discard the local government system permanently have little hope for progress.”
“Countries make long-term projects spanning over 25 to 50 years for advancement. These projects continue even after changes in governments.”
“The British introduced the Railways system in the Indian Subcontinent. They implemented a network of railways. The railways system in India and Pakistan owes its existence to the British Raj.”
“This railways system was not made possible in a few days. It took many years. Unfortunately after independence governments in Pakistan did nothing to expand this railways system to make it more efficient.”
Mr Hussain said the local government elections have not been held in Punjab and Sindh for the past ten years. “It is necessary to implement an efficient local government system and allow to continue it smoothly for putting Pakistan on the road of progress.”
“It is necessary to hold the local government elections without any delay, and fresh elections should be held after the expiration of their terms. The process should continue without any gap.”
Mr Hussain directed the Co-ordination Committee to select candidates purely on merit instead of personal likes and dislikes.
He urged the candidates not to think about getting elected for personal gains. They should instead focus on serving the people and solving their problems.
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