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MQM celebrates Altaf’s 62nd birthday

MQM celebrates Altaf’s 62nd birthday
 Posted on: 9/17/2015
LEAs asked to desist from making political statements 
Mutahhida Qaumi Movement (MQM) celebrated party chief Altaf Hussain’s  62nd  birthday in a befitting manner with thousands of workers and supporters gathered at Jinnah Ground Azizabad.
 MQM’s supreme leader once again extended support to the armed forces of Pakistan saying that he and his party are patriotic citizens of the country and vying to make Pakistan a country envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The entire world is engaged in different issues and wars, terrorism and other conflicts. Pakistan is faced with terrorism and part of conflict with at-least two neighbours but our thinkers, analysts and media anchors are more focused towards MQM leaving the big issues, said Mr. Altaf Hussain addressing his disciples.
If MQM is being weakened, losing support, it shall be our concern and not of the so called analysts, anchors, MQM Chief said adding that some forces are trying to silence the “Mohajir Voice “ and to achieve this target, MQM workers are being killed, arrested and dubbed as “ sectarian killers “. 
Referring to the ban on his live address, statements, Altaf Hussain asked his party cadre and supporters to peacefully bear the restrictions. The revolutionary parties have to pass through such period and testing times but those emerge victorious who stands firm and united, he said asking his party men to remain glued and absolutely peaceful despite all excesses by the Law Enforcing Agencies. LEA shall not issue politically motivated statement and shall leave politics to the political parties, MQM chief said. He was extremely critical of TV anchors and analysts and said instead on focusing on human tragedies around the globe, these anchors are more bothered about MQM and more interested in damage to MQM. 
Consider us as patriotic citizens of this country , pro Pakistan who are willing to fight the common enemy shoulder to shoulder with our armed forces, said Altaf Hussain.
The programme concluded with a prayer for  safe recovery of missing MQM workers, workers killed in alleged encounters with LEA.
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