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LHC order has disappointed millions of followers of Altaf Hussain: Former MQM Senators

LHC order has disappointed millions of followers of Altaf Hussain: Former MQM Senators
 Posted on: 9/9/2015 1
Former MQM Senators have said that the order by the Lahore High Court banning speeches, statements and photos of Altaf Hussain from being published or broadcast is one-sided. The said it was tantamount to suppressing the freedom of expression and highly condemnable.
In a joint statement, the MQM senators said that millions of followers of Mr Hussain were disappointed because of the decision that was given without hearing the MQM version. It has forced people to think that a conspiracy was being hatched against the peaceful, democratic and the only political party of the middle-class people in the country.
They said that judiciary is an important pillar of state in any country, and its judgments go a long way in strengthening the rule of law and supremacy of the constitution. They said the responsibility for the spillover of public emotions would rest on the forces that are conspiring to proscribe MQM and Altaf Hussain from behind the façade of the judiciary.
The senators regretted that while no action was taken against the banned outfits and political and religious parties who were always undermining the national security, a ban has been placed on the speeches and statements of Altaf Hussain who has always worked for stability.
The former MQM senators urged rights organizations and civil society to raise their voice on the despotic restrictions on freedom of speech.

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