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Abdul Qadir Baloch has grossly insulted Mohajirs by calling them “animals”

Abdul Qadir Baloch has grossly insulted Mohajirs by calling them “animals”
 Posted on: 9/8/2015 1
MQM Co-ordination Committee has strongly condemned Federal Minister Abdul Qadir Baloch for hurling baseless allegations against MQM and calling Mohajirs animal. The committee termed it a gross insult of millions of Mohajir supporters of MQM.
The Co-ordination Committee said that Mohajirs, who founded Pakistan, were being victimized and subjected to worst kind of state repression. To add insult to the injury politicians who are blinded by prejudice are scoffing at them continuously.
PTI head Imran Khan called them “zinda lashain”, former provincial minister Zulfikar Mirza mocked them as “bhookay nangay”, and PML (N) leader derided them as “kalay kalootay”. Some called Mohajirs “panah geer” while some ridiculed them as “tilyer and matarway”.
Today Federal Minister Abdul Qadir has shown his hatred and unabashed prejudice for Mohajirs by calling them “animals”.
The Co-ordination Committee said that oppression, barbarism, and injustices had increased greatly. Mohajirs are being expelled from jobs by declaring them, terrorists.
The Co-ordination Committee said that the real threat to Pakistan was from people prejudiced people like Abdul Qadir Baloch, who are pushing Mohajirs to walls for destabilizing Pakistan.
The Co-ordination Committee demanded PM Nawaz Sharif to explain if the statement of Abdul Qadir Baloch was the policy of his party. If he has given the statement against the party policy, he should be asked to resign like Mushahidullah Khan. Abdul Qadir Baloch should be asked to tender an unconditional apology to Mohajirs and MQM supporters.

6/20/2018 1:46:11 PM