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MQM urges authorities to allow residents to erect barriers; voices concern over D I Khan’s jail break

MQM urges authorities to allow residents to erect barriers; voices concern over D I Khan’s jail break
 Posted on: 8/1/2013 1
A joint meeting of Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committees of Karachi and London held, simultaneously, on Thursday, discussed in detail the country’s overall political situation, recent incidents of terrorism and the Rangers act of dismantling barriers which the residents had erected in localities for their safety.
Voicing its serious concern over the bloody acts of terrorism which recently occurred in different cities of the country, the meeting said that all such acts, specially the one that took place at Dera Ismail Khan jail and from where 300 hardened criminals easily escaped in the wake of an armed terrorists attack was a matter to ponder upon for all the Pakistanis, in general and for the law-enforcement agencies, in particular.
“It is beyond one’s comprehension that how 150 armed terrorists entered the jail, made the entire jail staff hostage for 10 to 15 hours, bombarded the jail’s walls and barracks, managed to get 300 hardened criminals released and fled from there easily and without any resistance,” the meeting deplored, and added, that such an incident was, in fact, a serious matter to ponder upon for every conscience Pakistani.
Referring to the reports that similar attacks could be made on the prisons of Sindh, the meeting expressed its serious concern and urged the authorities to immediately take effective steps to prevent such incidents.
The MQM Coordination Committees demanded of Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad, Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah and D-G Rangers to allow the residents to put up barriers in their localities so that they have a sigh of relief and have a sound sleep of few hours.
The meeting deplored that the Rangers personnel and the city administration’s senior officers had dismantled the barriers which the residents had erected at the entry and points of their localities by collecting donations for their self-defense after witnessing the recent terrorists attacks in different localities and on the check-posts of law-enforcement agencies and the recent attack on D I Khan’s jail.
It urged the authorities to review the act of dismantling barriers at a meeting with Corp Commander in the chair so as to see whether their act was a service to the unarmed citizens or it amounted to facilitate terrorists and criminal elements.
The Coordination Committee hoped that the senior officials of the law-enforcement agencies would help resolve this important issue of the masses by permitting them to re-erect barriers in their localities for their safety.

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