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Linking the arrest of former federal minister Dr Asim Hussain to MQM is gross injustice: Altaf Hussain

Linking the arrest of former federal minister Dr Asim Hussain to MQM is gross injustice: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 9/2/2015 1
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said linking the arrest of former federal minister Dr Asim Hussain to MQM was a gross injustice. He said the arrest of Dr Asim was unfortunate. He was addressing MQM Co-ordination Committee and other office-bearers at Nine Zero.
Mr Hussain said, “Dr Asim is a close friend of former president Asif Zardari. Chief Minister of Sindh raised eyebrows on his arrest and termed it an attack on Sindh. The Chief Minister said although he is the captain of the operation yet he is not informed about arrests.”
“Other leaders of PPP also protested the arrest of Dr Asim. Leader of Opposition Khursheed Shah had earlier said Dr Asim is a gentleman. He warned it should be decided if Pakistan has to be destabilized by such actions. Now he is saying that Dr Asim has been arrested because he supported the MQM. He added if MQM is a terrorist party it should be banned.”
“Even Qaim Ali Shah is saying today if Dr Asim is involved in terrorism only he should be arrested, and other leaders of PPP should not be touched.”
“Both Qaim Ali Shah and Khursheed Shah should think over their statements.”
Mr Hussain said initially it was declared that Dr Asim was arrested because of huge corruption and irregularities. Today it is being reported that he has been arrested for supporting MQM.
“It is quite an interesting thing that even the arrest of Dr Asim has been linked with the MQM. It is being said that he had been funding the MQM. It is an attempt to malign the innocent and absolve the guilty.”
“If Dr Asim is involved in corruption then why other PPP leaders who are notorious huge corruption not being arrested.”
Mr Hussain said the minister who had accepted money laundering should also be arrested. Corrupt elements in PML (N) and ANP should also be arrested. JI leaders should also be arrested because Al-Qaeda elements were arrested from their homes.
Mr Hussain said there was a growing feeling among people that Dr Asim was targeted only because he is also a Mohajir.
“The Supreme Court had observed in the Karachi Lawlessness case that all political parties in Karachi have militant wings. But the entire blame for the bad situation in Karachi has been laid at the MQM’s door.”
“Mohajirs are being victimized on the pretext of operation against criminals and terrorists. They are being implicated in fabricated cases, and a vicious propaganda is underway to tell the world that most of the criminals were Mohajirs.”
“Thousands of MQM workers have been arrested during the past two years. Dozens of MQM workers have been killed extra-judicially by subjecting them to brutal torture in custody.”
“MQM headquarters Nine Zero was raided and following the policy of criminalization it was declared that the raid was conducted to arrest hardcore terrorists from Nine Zero. It was said that NATO weapons were also discovered from Nine Zero.”
“In the second raid at Nine Zero Qamar Mansoor and Kahfilwara were arrested. Qamar Mansoor was badly tortured in custody due to which he is unable to walk.”
“If we protest after getting tortured bodies of our workers, new cases are framed. Our offices are being raided and our workers arrested.”
“Every effort is made to implicate MQM in everything that goes wrong. All this points to the fact that the operation is being done against no one else but the MQM. “
Mr Hussain said we will not give up our peaceful struggle. We believe in divine justice. Allah will give justice to the oppressed.
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