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MQM strongly condemns closure of 3 NADRA offices; terms an open enmity with Karachi

MQM strongly condemns closure of 3 NADRA offices; terms an open enmity with Karachi
 Posted on: 8/31/2015
"People have right to peaceful protest against closure of NADRA offices - Chairman's decision would also be challenged in court of law"
KARACHI: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement's (MQM) Coordination Committee has strongly condemned the decision of National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) Chairman for closing down three offices of NADRA in Karachi and termed it is an exercise to deprive the people of Karachi of their rights to vote in forthcoming local government elections.
The Coordination Committee said the closure of three NADRA outlets in Karachi has pushed the people of Karachi in extreme hardship as the people are now wandering here and there to get their computerised national identity cards (CNIC), a basic legal document.
In light of orders of the Supreme Court, schedule for holding the local government polls in Sindh has been announced and it is the law of the country that no NADRA office could be shut for any reason after the schedule is announced, the Coordination Committee said, adding that people need CNICs for electing their representatives in forthcoming local government polls but it seems as if they are with a purpose being deprived of their basic constitutional right, which deserves condemnation in strongest form.
The Coordination Committee has also warned that in case all the three NADRA offices are not restored then the people also keep a right to peaceful protest and this action would also be challenged in court of law.
The Coordination Committee strongly demanded the federal government to take notice of anti-Karachi actions of the NADRA Chairman and withdraw the decision for shutting 3 NADRA outlets in Karachi and restore them so that the people of Karachi should obtain their CNICs.

6/18/2018 9:37:32 PM