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MQM leader urges educated youths to take part in politics

MQM leader urges educated youths to take part in politics
 Posted on: 7/31/2013
Photo Gallery
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee’s Deputy Convener, Engr. Nasir Jamal, has urged the educated people to take part in politics so as make Pakistan a developed and an economically viable country.
He was speaking at an Iftar Party held here under the aegis of Graduate Forum at KDA Sports Club. Coordination Committee Member Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui, Graduate Forum’s members, Haq Parast legislators, professors, lawyers, doctors, engineers, writers, poets, journalists and people from different walks of life were present on the occasion.
The MQM leader deplored that that although more than 65 years had elapsed since Pakistan came into being the country was still lagging behind developed countries mainly owing to the two per cent effluent class which had been clinging to power was a major hurdle to the educated youths belonging to 98 per cent poor and middle class people.
Engr. Nasir Jamal on this occasion said that the country would not make progress unless educated people play their active role in politics.
Speaking on the occasion, MQM Coordination Committee Member Amin-ul-Haque, said that the Muttahida was the only party that had sent the educated youths to the elected houses of the country and the masses witnessed  that they came to their expectations. 
In this regard, he mentioned the development works, specifically undertaken in Karachi and Hyderabad and other cities by MQM legislators and attributed it to the outcome of Altaf Hussain’s training.
Referring to the negative propaganda unleashed by some against MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain, the Coordination Committee Member said that all such sinister moves would, Inshallah, fail utterly soon and Mr Hussain’s relations with the masses would be strengthened further, saying that as the fragrance from a flower cannot be separated, Altaf Hussain cannot be separated from the masses.
Graduate Forum’s president, Abdul Qadir Khanzada, also spoke on the occasion. 

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