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Altaf felicitates Dr Farooque Sattar for his landmark speech in NA

Altaf felicitates Dr Farooque Sattar for his landmark speech in NA
 Posted on: 8/13/2015
Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) founder and leader Altaf Hussain has felicitated the members of Sindh Assembly (MPAs), members National Assembly (MNAs) and Senators for tendering their collective resignations from all the three Houses of elected representatives with a perfect manifest of courage and bravery.
He said this while talking to the MPAs, MNAs and Senators at MQM headquarters, Nine Zero from London over phone Wednesday. Heads and officers of MQM’s different wings were also present.
Mr. Hussain said the MNAs, MPAs and the Senators have without a wrinkle on their foreheads tendered their resignations along with the reasons behind for which they deserved due applause and tap on their back.
He said all hardships lose meaning when the affected entities face them with courage and gallantry. MQM has never been a political party in stereotype meaning but is a vibrant movement that is striving for attaining the better and secure future for the generations to come. And the path of this movement is not a bed of roses.
He said that the difficulties and hardships could only be overcome and conspiracies be defeated only through steadfast stance.
He said that the struggle for the rights could only be rendered successful by strong determination, and courage and hence the followers should never be afraid of anyone except the Almighty Lord and should continue to moving with dedication to their cause.
The MQM founder and leader Altaf Hussain has especially admired Dr Farooque Sattar for his historic speech on the floor of the National Assembly Wednesday and said that the speech is now a permanent part of the history, which could never be omitted.
He extended his felicitation and on behalf of the coordination committees in Pakistan and in London and entire nation to Dr Sattar for his remarkable speech in the national assembly.
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