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Reasons for MQM Resignation

Reasons for MQM Resignation
 Posted on: 8/12/2015
Reasons for Resignation:
1. That MQM, the Political Party to which I belong is being victimized in the garb of the targeted operation in Karachi for eliminating crimes and terrorism by the government of Sindh.

2. That MQM office bearers, workers and supporters are being arrested, unlawfully detained indiscriminately and subsequently subjected to brutal torture and atrocities.

3. That the residences, work places and political offices, where MQM workers are also being raided indiscriminately.

4. That an unconstitutional and unannounced ban has been imposed on MQM’s political, social and welfare activities.

5. That in two years time, since the commencement of Karachi operation, more than 40 workers and supporters of MQM have been killed extra judicially by the Paramilitary Rangers and other law enforcement agencies (LEAs).

6. That more than 150 workers of MQM after being arrested by either of the LEAs are being reported missing and have been made forcibly disappeared.

7. That recently an unconstitutional ban has been imposed on MQM’s Founder and Leader Mr. Altaf Hussain’s live addresses on television channels.

8. That MQM’s head quarters, known as 90, was also twice raided to malign its reputation and demoralize its members and supporters. The house of elderly sister of Mr Altaf Hussain was also raided for no reason.
9. That hundreds of false cases have been registered against Founder and Leader of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain, MQM parliamentarians and workers.

10. That the MQM parliamentarians have raised the matter of persecution of the party workers and supporters at every forum including the courts of law but have failed to get justice.

11. That during this ongoing operation in Sindh, Rangers have arrested over 5000 MQM office bearers, workers and supporters. MQM's legal team filed legal petitions over each arrest, extra judicial killings and disappearances of MQM workers after arrest but barring a few rare exceptions the courts failed to provide us any sort of justice. Pakistan's Judiciary has failed to put a stop on Rangers' unlawful acts of illegal raids, arbitrary arrests, torture in custody and other similar illegal acts.

12. That the current operation was supposed to be fair, transparent and even-handed against criminals, kidnappers and terrorists. However, instead of targeting the real culprits this operation has been turned exclusively against Mohajirs and their elected political party, the MQM. In the last few months, MQM, its leaders and supporters have been made victim of vicious media trial and slanderous language.

13. That while MQM offered its full support for a fair and just operation against real criminals in Karachi, it also repeatedly demanded establishment of monitoring committee to ensure that no injustices is committed during this operation and that innocent citizens are not targeted by the law enforcement agencies. The Federal Government agreed to form such a monitoring committee but never fulfilled its promise, thus leaving the whole operation unchecked that lead to a huge number of irregularities on a daily basis wherein innocent MQM members were victimized.

14. That law enforcement agencies, particularly Rangers, are clearly seen siding with and supporting activities of PTI with a view to impose it on Karachi by marginalizing MQM. The same is being done with the criminals operating under the name of MQM Haqiqi who are being officially patronized and supported in Karachi just like they were during the infamous Operation Clean-Up of 1992.

15. That a number of Pakistan's prominent politicians, religious clerics and journalists -e.g. Imran Khan, Khawaja Asif, Mahmood Khan Achakzai, Munawwar Hasan, Moulana Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid, former President of Pakistan Mr Asif Ali Zardari - have publicly criticized Pakistan's armed forces and army generals. Chief of PTI Imran Khan even termed Pakistan army generals cowards; Federal Defense Minister Khawaja Asif taunted Pakistan Army for losing all previous wars. Khawaja Asif also revealed that former ISI Chiefs Gen. Shuja Pasha and Gen. Zahirul Islam patronized and support PTI sit-in and provided funds to destabilize Nawaz Sharief Govt.  and JI leader Munawwar Hasan refused to accept soldiers of Pakistan killed at the hands of TTP as 'martyrs', yet no action was ever taken against them. However, when MQM Quaid and leader Mr Altaf Hussain criticised actions of Paramilitary Rangers in Sindh, hundreds of cases -including treason- were registered against him throughout Pakistan and the country's electronic media was ordered to stop broadcasting his live speeches. We believe this is a clear example of political victimization on the basis of ethnicity.

16. That urban areas of Sindh have been badly neglected in the last many decades and people of urban Sindh have been systematically deprived of their due share in education, employment and all other spheres of life. Karachi makes the highest contribution to the national exchequer - 67%- but receives minimal investment towards its infrastructure and development. Despite our continued demand, government never takes credible steps to address genuine grievances of urban Sindh.

17. That census has not been held in Pakistan since 1998. The population of Karachi has increased at a very high pace in the last 17 years but Karachi's representation in the country's parliaments still reflects the census figures of 1998, thus leading to great injustice and under-representation.

18. That local governments play critical role in providing most essential needs of the citizens of the country, but local government elections have not been held in Sindh since 2005, thus leaving Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and other cities of Sindh with no or little essential civic services. 

6/19/2018 1:33:09 AM