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I Respected The Armed Forces In The Past And Even Now And Respect Rangers, Police And All National Institutions: Altaf Hussain

I Respected The Armed Forces In The Past And Even Now And Respect Rangers, Police And All National Institutions: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 8/6/2015 1
London-6 August 2015
Mr Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) said that he respected the armed forces in the past and do it even now. He further stressed that he respects  the Para-Military Rangers, Police and all the State institutions and the officers, soldiers, their brothers and children are equal to ours. He further said that he was not egoistic, I only ask to be heard and address our grievances, provide justices and heal the wounds. He appealed to the Mr Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Federal Interior Minister, General Raheel Sharif, Chief of the Army Staff to provide justice to the family members of the martyred workers of the MQM, immediately release the disappeared and detained workers and unite them with their families who are running from pillar to post for meeting and seeking justice for their loved ones. Addressing, specially to the Chief of the Army Staff General Raheel Sharif he asked to listen to the appeals of the victims and provide  justice to them.   

Mr Altaf Husain expressed these views during his address from London to Lal Qila ground in Azizabad, Karachi to the families of the martyred, arrested and disappeared workers of the MQM who had gathered there in thousands.  Heartbreaking, emotive, tearful wailing scenes were observed. The family members of the martyred, arrested and disappeared workers could not control their emotions and burst into tears while narrating the atrocities and traumas they had been through. 
Mr Altaf Hussain asserted that despite negative and virulent propaganda, MQM is sustaining during its 37 years of struggle since its inception due to the sacrifices of the martyrs, workers maimed due to brutal torture in custody, underwent inhuman sufferings during incarceration on baseless charges and  disappeared workers. Mr Altaf Hussain paying tributes and salute to family members said that despite sufferings and atrocities they are still attached to the Movement. He said thousands of workers were martyred in this righteous struggle who cannot be brought back. Addressing people at the helms of affair and officers of the security agencies asked them to think  what would be the state of those or going through whose sons, brothers, fathers or husbands have been martyred, what would be their feelings? He further added that the sentiments of losses of the loved ones are the equal and this needs to be understood. 
Mr Altaf Hussain exhorted that all States have laws, police, courts and jails  for law and order and peace. There is also law for anyone involved in any unlawful act, wanted in cases or arrested according to law, their cases investigated, charged and present their case in a court of law for trial, if proved guilty he is sentenced in accordance with the law. He further said that he did not oppose lawful acts but only arresting someone for affiliation with the MQM, subjecting him to inhuman torture in custody and instead of presenting in a court of law disappearing or killing him extra-judicially is totally wrong and cannot be justified in any civilised culture or society, hence  protested that such acts must not be committed by the Para-Military Rangers or police against its own citizen. He said that a letter was released by Para-Military Rangers through media containing list of 187 MQM persons asking those persons to be surrendered as they were involved in the killing of policemen since 1992 to date. He said that all those present in this gathering are the family members of the martyrs, arrested and disappeared persons who have been waiting for justices for years, amongst them are many whose loved ones have been martyred but their killers have not been arrested till date. Also, present are the relatives of  those who had been arrested and made to be disappeared, corpses of some those killed extra-judicially have been recovered while whereabouts of many still unknown  to date.  

Mr Altaf Hussain said that Chaudhry Shujat Hussain, the then Federal Interior Minister in 1998 admitted on the floor of the Senate that many MQM workers were taken to the hills of Margala and buried during the tenure of Nasirullah Babar but neither the Courts took suo-moto notice nor a Commission was formed to provide justice to the victims. During the present operation several workers have been arrested and disappeared till now and their relatives are running from pillar to post for their recovery. He asked, Is their disappearances fair and lawful and if decisions of this kind took place then peace and reconciliations cannot be reached.  
Mr Altaf Hussain said that he was not egoistic, all I am saying that we need to  be heard, our grievances addressed, justice be provided  and wounds be healed. Five days ago, 12 workers were arrested from Jamshoro who were going to Hyderabad to attend a wedding ceremony, four amongst them are still missing till to date  and two workers were arrested from Korangi by the Para-Military Rangers today who were making arrangements for this programme. He questioned whether to aboard family members of cars and buses for this programme is sin?  
Mr Altaf Hussain reiterated that he respected the armed forces in the past and even now, also the Rangers and Police as well as the national institutions and the officers, soldiers and their brothers and children were like his own  during his telephonic conversation with Mr Ayaz Sadiq, Speaker of the National Assembly. He thanked Mr Ayaz Sadiq to have informed his sentiments to the august house of the National Assembly.   
Mr Altaf Hussain, addressing the  participants said that he understood the pain and grief they are going through on separation of their loved ones and said that he was struggling since 37 years for the rights of the poor, deprived and oppressed people and continuing until now but only one demand he could hear on T V Talk shows that the Establishment would cease all atrocities against Mohajirs and also the raids and arrests if MQM is managed without Altaf Hussain. He asked the gathering that would they not sacrifice Altaf Hussain to save the nation? The crowd in a single breath said never and chanted the slogan "Hum Na HouN Hamaray Baad ,, Altaf Altaf "  He added that the colleagues in London stand witness that he is living in exile for the past 25 years and has not met his real brothers and sisters. He said  his 66 years old brother Nasir Hussain and 28 years old nephew Arif Hussain were martyred in this struggle and my entire family had been uprooted but never compromised on the cause and the interest of the nation and did not bow down my head before any power and would not do so until my last breath. He enquired the gathering comprising family members of the martyred, arrested and disappeared persons would they go to Islamabad by train if he gave the call, the crowd affirmed that they were "ready". He said that instead of handing over the list, the Para-Military Rangers should provide the names and addresses of those persons and if they are involved in any crime then he would surrender them but the killers of the sons, brothers and husbands of the gatherings had to be brought to justice.  
Mr Altaf Hussain said that a conspiracy is being hatched in Islamabad of forming a new MQM by buying a few people and asked if so happen what would you do? The participants replied that they were with him. He further said that when the Co chairperson of the  Pakistan Peoples Party Mr Asif Ali Zardari said about the Generals that he would raze them to the ground but he was spared but I am targeted. He asked General Raheel Shareef, Chief of the Army Staff to listen to the voices of the victims, see the kind of atrocities meted out to them and provide them justice for the sake of God. Concluding his address he asked the lawyers to knock the doors of the courts to secure justice for the victims and disappeared persons and appealed to the people to contribute funds to avail the services of the lawyers.
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