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‘MORE PROVINCE-STRONGER PAKISTAN’: MQM’s 19 annual convention starts in Dallas

‘MORE PROVINCE-STRONGER PAKISTAN’: MQM’s 19 annual convention starts in Dallas
 Posted on: 8/1/2015 1
The proceedings of 19th Annual Convention of Muttahida Quami Movement formally started in the US city of Dallas here today. The three-day Convention is being attended by MQM’s Senior Deputy Convenor Nadeem Nusrat and member MQM coordination Committee Wasay Jalil besides Haq Parast law makers who reached Dallas from Pakistan to attend the party convention.
The party’s Convention is also being attended by a large number of persons belonging to the Pakistani community residing in United States of America along with the party leaders, office-bearers and workers  of MQM America.
Speaking on the opening day of the convention with the topic “More Province- Stronger Pakistan”, Senior Deputy Convenor MQM Nadeem Nusrat regretted that the residence of Quaid-e-Tehrik Mr. Altaf Hussain commonly known as ‘Nine Zero’ was raided illegally and MQM leader Kahfil wara and Qamar Mansoor were arrested but the irony is that “ we are not even allowed to speak or ask question that why the raid was conducted without search warrant “.
He said that MQM wanted the powers to be be delegated to the lower levels so that the people could be benefited. He said no positive change could be witnessed unless the common people are given their due rights.
He said that convention has attracted more attention following the news that MQM leader Mr. Altaf Hussain will be giving an important speech in which some startling and historic disclosures are likely to be made.
On the occasion Central Organiser of MQM America Junaid Fahmi read out the message of Quaid-e-Tehrik Mr. Altaf Hussain in which the importance of more provinces was highlighted for a prosperous, developed and stable Pakistan.

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