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Altaf Hussain condemns 90 days remand of Qamar Mansoor

Altaf Hussain condemns 90 days remand of Qamar Mansoor
 Posted on: 7/22/2015
Altaf Hussain condemns 90 days remand of Qamar Mansoor
London: 22nd July 2015.
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has strongly condemned the handing over of member MQM Co-ordination Committee Qamar Mansoor to Rangers on a 90 days remand. He said that Qamar Mansoor was presented in the court blindfolded like a hardened criminal.
“Qamar Mansoor informed the court about his backache and illness. He requested medical treatment, but he was remanded in the Rangers’ custody for ninety days which is highly reprehensible.”
He said, “Extremist elements and terrorists who beheaded soldiers, those who promoted suicide attacks, and those who talked about introducing the culture of killings in the country are moving freely.”
“Those who abused the army general generals and ridiculed their sacrifices are the favourites of the establishment. Those who plundered national wealth, and emptied the national exchequer, are not only free but still holding influential positions in government.”
“While false and fabricated cases are being registered against MQM leaders, elected representatives, office-bearers and workers. They are being subjected to inhuman torture in custody.”
Mr Hussain said that the situation speaks volumes about the fact that the operation is being done against the MQM only. He demanded that Qamar Mansoor should be admitted to a hospital immediately for medical treatment.
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