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 Posted on: 3/14/2012

Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has warned the elements conspiring against Pakistan to stop their conspiracies immediately. He said that the country was passing through extremely difficult circumstances and if the conspiracies were allowed to continue unstoppably, the country would reach on the verge of a disaster.

Mr Hussain said this while talking on the telephone to the office-bearers and workers of the Hyderabad zone of the MQM. Members of the Co-ordination Committee, MNAs, MPAs and in-charge of the women's wing of Hyderabad zone were also present on the occasion.

Mr Hussain said that the new and old Sindhis were firmly united for the development and progress of Sindh. Certain elements had tried to use the innocent people of Sindh for their vested interests in the past but there was a growing awareness among the people of Sindh that had enabled them to fight the conspiracies.

Mr Hussain said that time had torn him away from his workers, but the spiritual connection could not be broken. He said that a number of conspiracies were hatched against him in the past and declared that such conspiracies would come to nothing in the future as well.

Mr Hussain said that there was no taint of corruption on his hands, and this had raised the heads of his workers with pride and honour.

Mr Hussain said that public meeting being held by the MQM in Hyderabad on 18th March would establish that the permanent residents of Sindh were united under his leadership.

Mr Hussain praised the workers busy in making preparations for the public meeting and asked them to start inviting as many people as possible for making the programme a huge success.

7/20/2018 10:34:35 PM