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Injustices and arrests cannot break our determination: Altaf Hussain

Injustices and arrests cannot break our determination: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/17/2015
Injustices and arrests cannot break our determination: Altaf Hussain
Address to workers and office-bearers at Nine Zero after the raid by Rangers

MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said the second raid at Nine Zero and arrest of two political leaders are naked barbarism and serious violation of human rights. It is a violation of law, UN human rights charter, and Islamic teachings.
He said this while addressing MQM workers, including women and elders, who gathered at Nine Zero after hearing the news of the raid at Nine Zero.
Mr Hussain said that the Rangers actions would harm Pakistan and not do any good. “Policy makers in the country should sit together and try to heal the wounds of five crore Mohajirs. If their wounds continue to grow deep, it will not augur well.”
Mr Hussain said that Rangers had arrested MQM leaders without any reason. “They had claimed that they would not let Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation collect Zakat and Fitra and they used power for stopping it. But despite all the hurdles created by Rangers, the MQM organized its annual assistance programme successfully.”
“Rangers got vexed on the holding of the programme and they raided Nine Zero in rage on the 29th night of Ramzan. They arrested Kahfilwara and Qamar Mansoor without any reason.”
Mr Hussain said, “Dhaka Fall occurred on 16 December 1971. Only one year before this date no one could have imagined that the turn of circumstances would force Pakistan Army to surrender and that Commander Eastern Command Lt Gen Niazi would be signing the instrument of surrender before Lt Gen Arora.”
“So do not show us the power of uniform and gun lest the circumstances at the international level should change.”
Mr Hussain told MQM workers that Rangers had done a great injustice in the holy month of Ramzan. “But you should not take the law in your hand and face the situation with patience as you did in the past.”
“Allah is seeing everything and he will call to account all those who are doing and ordering injustice.”
He praised the workers for arriving at Nine Zero soon after hearing the news of the raid. He also paid tributes to the Co-ordination Committee, Senators, MNAs and MPAs. “It is not that only MQM workers go to jail. Leaders also give a sacrifice. All leaders and elected representatives have shown by arriving at Nine Zero immediately after getting the news of raid that there is no difference of big and small in the MQM.”
Mr Hussain demanded PM Nawaz Sharif to intervene in the Karachi situation and stop excesses being committed against MQM workers, leaders and sympathizers. He asked them to order the immediate release of all arrested people.
Addressing CM Sindh Qaim Ali Shah he said, “You are the captain of the Karachi Operation. You and the Co-chairman of your party have registered FIRs against Altaf Hussain by maintaining a servile obedience towards the establishment. Rangers have been given a license to committed injustices against Mohajirs and arbitrary arrests. You should remember that you have sowed the seed of division of Sindh by doing this.”
He said that the MQM is a law-abiding party, and it will seek a legal and constitutional remedy against the injustices of Rangers. “We will face all the concocted cases in courts and file petitions against the arrests of leaders and workers.”
Mr Hussain asked members of the Women Wing and Elders Wing to spend as much time at Nine Zero as possible so that they may assure responsibilities if all leaders are arrested.
He also asked students to spare time for the movement as it is a struggle for the coming generations.
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