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Instead of threatening me the rulers should see in their ranks: Altaf Hussain

Instead of threatening me the rulers should see in their ranks: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/14/2015
Conversation with Zonal Committee members of Hyderabad
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said that the MQM is striving for getting equal rights for people irrespective of any discrimination. “If I am arrested in a false case because of my struggle, if my speeches are banned or even if I am killed, the MQM workers should continue their struggle till they achieve their destiny.”
He said this while talking to zonal committee members of MQM Hyderabad and members of women wing on the telephone.
“I had started my struggle when I was 25 and now I am 62. During these 37 long years, I kept myself away from enjoyments of youth. I formed APMSO on 11th June 1978 in Karachi University against the discriminatory treatment of Mohajirs, who had migrated from India.”
“I laid the foundation of MQM on 18th March 1984 to raise a voice against the discriminatory, prejudicial and inhuman attitude towards Mohajirs. We had to face untold problems because of our struggle, but we persevered.”
“The Mohajir community voted for the MQM in elections because of our struggle and MQM nominees were elected in the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly of Sindh with a historic success.”
“An army operation as started on 19th June 1992 to crush the MQM, which is the only representative party of Mohajirs. The Almighty Allah protected the MQM, which was changed into Muttahida Quami Movement on 27th July 2007 to broaden its popular appeal.”
“I firmly believe that Pakistan should have a democratic system like other developed countries in which everyone should have equal rights irrespective of their colour, race, language, sect or religion.”
“The establishment hatched conspiracies to finish the MQM because of my struggle. Several murderous attacks were made against me. I was attacked with bombs in 1992, but Allah saved me. After this attack, the central committee forced me to lead the people by remaining abroad.”
“An operation was started against the MQM after I arrived in London. I have been living in London for the past 25 years. The MQM contested elections and by the Grace of Allah, it emerged victorious as the third largest political party of the country.”
“During these 37 years I lost my elder brother and my nephew. My entire family was uprooted and displaced. I am living a jail-like life in Britain, but I did not give up and continued my struggle.”
“The establishment and its lackeys tried to dislodge me from Britain. They sent poisonous material against me to the British government but failed as I had not broken any British law.”
“Targeted killings, street crimes, kidnappings for ransom, and robberies were promoted in Karachi in order malign the MQM, which was blamed for everything.”
“Later Imran Khan was brought against me who sent loads of material against me to the British police but he could not prove anything. When everything failed, a conspiracy was hatched, and Dr Imran Farooq was murdered so that MQM and Altaf Hussain could be blamed for it.”
“By the Grace of Almighty Allah all conspiracies failed and my contact with my workers could not be broken.”
“Federal Minister for Defence Khawaja Asif has said that two former chiefs of ISI Lt Gen Shuja Pasha and Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam were behind the dharna of Imran Khan and Dr Tahirul Qadri in order to bring down the Nawaz Sharif government. Why is Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan silent on this revelation?”
“Rangers are not allowing the MQM to collect Zakat, Fitra and other charity. They have warned that the MQM’s sector in-charges and unit in-charges will be arrested. This was illegal, and I raised my voice against it. I delivered speeches and presented proofs. Now Chaudhry Nisar says that my speeches will be banned after raising it with the British Government. Instead of threatening me, the rulers should see in their ranks and file.”
Referring the ongoing operation in Karachi Mr Hussain said, “It was said that action will be taken against extremist elements but has any raid been conducted Taliban hideouts and madrassahs?”
He said that the PPP government has registered cases against him in different cities of the province. “They are levelling baseless allegations against me. I have talked about injustice and oppression. I have not talked against the country.”
Mr Hussain said that he could be sent to jail by implicating him in fabricated cases. “My speeches can be banned. I can be killed through mafias, but I am not afraid of death. I have seen death from very near. I am ready to offer sacrifice and embrace martyrdom.”
Mr Hussain told MQM workers that his life is a trust of the movement. “You should carry your struggle forward if anything happens to me. You should keep the movement alive but should never take the law in your hands.”
“We cannot be intimidated by guns. We will face injustices with even more determination.”

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