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Sixteen MQM workers arrested in a raid at Gulbahar Sector

Sixteen MQM workers arrested in a raid at Gulbahar Sector
 Posted on: 7/2/2015 1
Rangers have arrested sixteen MQM workers on Wednesday in a raid at the party’s Nazimabad Gulbahar Sector situated in Gulbahar Colony.
According to details MQM workers and office-bearers were present in the party’s sector office located in the Peetal Gali area of Gulbahar Colony after Iftar in connection with the collection of Zakat and Fitra for Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation and other public issues. MNA Sufyan Yousuf was also present in the sector office.
Rangers raided the office and arrested MQM workers and office-bearers who had gathered peacefully. They also misbehaved with MNA Sufyan Yousuf. They took away with them documents, receipts of Zakat and Fitra and other office items.
Those arrested by the Rangers include sector in-charge Zubair Ashraf, joint sector in-charges Shakir Raza and Hamid, sector members Shahzad, Waseem Danish, Qayyum and Unit 168 in-charge Abbas, Unit 181 in-charge Imtiaz, joint in-charge of Unit 188 Shakir Ansari, committee member of Unit 181 Adnan Ashraf, workers of Unit 181 Azmat and Zafar Ali, and worker of Unit 188 Farrukh Jawed.
The arrested MQM workers have been moved to an unknown location and according to information they are being subjected to inhuman torture in custody.
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