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Altaf Hussain asks MQM workers to prepare for a sit-in against injustices

Altaf Hussain asks MQM workers to prepare for a sit-in against injustices
 Posted on: 6/29/2015
We are accused of being traitors because we speak about our rights
Address to office-bearers in Lal Qila Ground

MQM Founder and Leader Mr Altaf Hussain has said, “I respectfully say to the Army not to use double standards. I do not abuse anyone. I only present facts. Army generals used wrong policies in the past that lead to the dismemberment of the country. It was because of wrong decisions of the government that resulted in loss of Kargil and we have not been able to conquer Kashmir as of today.”
“A ban has been placed on the live addresses of Altaf Hussain while Imran Khan had said in a party meeting that the generals are so coward that they would wet their pants if twenty thousand people came on streets. When this point is raised in talk shows, the anchors say that it was said in a private meeting. This has now been published on social media. This is no longer a private talk.”
Mr Hussain asked if the army people were not involved in blasting the plane of General Zia. “Did the attackers on Kamra Airbase, Mehran Naval Base and GHQ have no contact with the armed forces? Are certain army personnel not being blamed for denouncing Osama bin Laden?”
“Good and bad people are present everywhere. We have never claimed that MQM is a party of angels. If there were some bad elements in the MQM, we have expelled them.”
Mr Hussain said that the Co-ordination Committee is considering to announce a sit-in against the injustices, hence MQM workers and office-bearers should prepare themselves for it.
He said that the Army and Rangers did not open fire to disperse the people when Imran Khan held a sit-in but they will not hesitate in opening fire for dispersing the MQM people.
Mr Hussain said, “We will not bow before tyranny and oppression under any condition. We will not let the sacrifices of our martyrs go in vain.”
Mr Hussain said that a negative propaganda was being done to mislead the public about the investigation of Dr Imran Farooq murder case. “I am confident that my workers and the public will not be affected by such malicious propaganda.”
“We are accused of being traitor because we speak about our rights. We want to eliminate feudalism. We want a real democratic system in Pakistan. We are liberal and believe in religious freedom.”
“We are against all kinds of terrorism and religious extremism. We want to make Pakistan free of terrorism and corruption and a country where every citizen has equal rights irrespective of the prejudices of colour, race, language, gender, sect and religion.”
“Hindus, Sikhs, Christian, Ahmadis or followers of any other religion should have equal rights as citizens of Pakistan.”
Mr Hussain asked MQM Senators, MNAs and MPAs to present their services for collecting Zakat and Fitra for Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation.
He asked MQM office-bearers and workers not to get disappointed and hold a belief in the divine justice. “Allah has helped us in the past and He will help us in future also.”

6/21/2018 9:33:20 AM