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Enemies of MQM want to eliminate the movement. Altaf Hussain

Enemies of MQM want to eliminate the movement. Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 6/24/2015
I will not give up my struggle under any circumstances
Karachi: 24th June 2015.
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said that efforts are being made to eliminate the MQM, which is the only representative party of the poor and middle-class people.
He said, “I will not bow my head before oppressors whatever tactics of injustice and oppression they may use.”
He was addressing members of the Co-ordination Committee and office-bearers of different organizational wings of the party at Nine Zero.
“We have always spread the message of peace and love and talked about rights of the deprived people, but we are being made the victim of prejudice. The fire of hatred and prejudice had dismembered the country in the past, but no lesson was learned. The same bias is being shown today.”
“I did not indulge in politics of money-making. Had I wanted to earn money, I would have been the richest man in Pakistan. I am the only leader in Pakistan who does not have any property in Pakistan or any other place in the world.”
“My forefathers gave sacrifice for Pakistan. My entire struggle has been for strengthening Pakistan and getting rights of the deprived people including Mohajirs. Our fierce opponents did negative propaganda against the MQM to eliminate the MQM and to stop our struggle. Mohajir localities were attacked with tacit support from government leading to their bloodbath. Aligarh tragedy and Pakka Qila tragedy were inflicted on Mohajirs.”
“The operation that was apparently started against dacoits and criminals involved in incidents of kidnapping for ransom was turned against the MQM on 19th June 1992. This operation continued despite the change of governments. Thousands of MQM workers and sympathizers were done to death during this state operation.”
“Filthy language was used against Mohajirs by different elements and a poisonous media campaign was started against the MQM for disenchanting the people. All sorts of allegations were leveled against the MQM.”
“When the MQM could not be stopped despite all repressive state force and campaign on print and electronic media, conspiracies are once against being hatched with the connivance of certain media persons and those who have looted national exchequer to harm the MQM.”
Mr Hussain told the Co-ordination Committee and other office-bearers of the party that the enemies of MQM were bent on eliminating the MQM, but it was his firm resolve that he would not give up his struggle. “Even if I have to lay down my life, I will not bow in front of evil forces.”
“This is a testing time. You may leave me because of the force of circumstances.”
Everyone expressed their emotions towards Mr Hussain by saying that they would not leave him under any circumstances.
Mr Hussain asked the workers and office-bearers of MQM not to get disappointed and maintain unity.
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