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Altaf Hussain imposes emergency at ‘Nine Zero’

 Posted on: 6/23/2015
MQM holds Fateha Khwani for heat stroke victims
Muttahida Quami Movement founder leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has imposed emergency at party’s head office commonly known as ‘Nine Zero” in the wake of the casualties due to the heat strokes in the city.
All Members of party’s Coordination Committee, Medical Aid Committee and other office-bearers have asked to reach Nine Zero so that they could help the sufferers of heat strokes.
Meanwhile, Mr. Altaf Hussain while talking a number of television channels disclosed that MQM has established “Heat Stroke Centres” in the different parts of the city with a view to helping them in this most crucial point of time. He further disclosed that Water, Ors, medicines and ambulances have also been provided at these centres to meet the emergencies. Altaf Hussain also appealed to the administration of government and private hospitals to allow the people to keep the bodies of their near and dear ones in their hospital morgues as the private Morgues have no space to keep the bodies as the toll has risen up to 1100.
MQM chief Mr. Altaf Hussain thanked Sindh Chief Minister for inviting MQM leaders and legislators at his Iftar Party. He regretted that the MQM cannot attend this party as the party has organized ‘Quran Khwani’ and ‘Fateha’ at the party headquarters for the departed souls  of the persons who died due to the heat strokes.

6/23/2018 10:14:02 PM