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MQM calls for Government to do more in Karachi heatwave

MQM calls for Government to do more in Karachi heatwave
 Posted on: 6/23/2015
The Founder and Leader of MQM, Mr. Altaf Hussain, has called on the government to do more in the recent heatwave that hit Karachi, Pakistan’s economic hub.
At least 500 people have been reported dead in three days due to heatstroke and dehydration, leading to emergency being declared in all the major civil hospitals of the city. 
MQM’s elected representatives are present on the ground and are in constant liaison with the Karachi Electric officials to restore the electricity in the affected areas of the city. MQM’s welfare wing, KKF, has also set up various camps at different locations to carry out relief activities in the areas that have been most affected.
Commenting on the situation, Mr. Hussain said, “It is extremely saddening that precious lives have been lost due to the severe heatwave in Karachi. MQM is trying to do the best it can, but we need more help from the federal government to save lives here. The recurring electricity outages and unavailability of water is worsening the situation in the city. The government, putting aside the political ambitions or party loyalty, must allocate sufficient resources and personnel to tackle the dire situation in the city. Karachi is suffering and we collectively need to do something for it”
MQM is a democratic political party which believes in empowering the people at the grass root levels of the society to tackle the common issues of the Pakistani populace.

7/22/2018 5:16:21 PM