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MQM holds protest rally against Khawaja Asif’s remarks

MQM holds protest rally against Khawaja Asif’s remarks
 Posted on: 6/16/2015
Member Coordination Committee Dr Farooq Sattar said that the Federal Minister for Defense Khawaja Asif tried to create dichotomy among the Muhajirs in Pakistan which clearly denied the state and the Constitution.
Talking to the participants of a protest rally at Karachi Press Club against Khawaja Asif’s shameful remarks, Dr Farooq Sattar said that their forefathers should have been stopped and told that they had no rights to enter into the newly-born country. He said that they were the Muhajirs who made this land a separate country.
Dr Sattar said that Khawaja Asif should immediately apologize for offensive remarks about the Mohajirs or the protest would continue against him. He said that the Mohajirs had been punished for making Pakistan and said that the Minister had hurt 50 million Muhajirs by ridiculing them on the floor.
Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said that they were faithful and the Minister was intelligent as Muhajirs forefathers were fighting against the British in 1857, while Asif’s ancestors came to support the British army. He said the Minister thought that Pakistan came into being for their services to the British government. 
He said that Khawaja Asif’s hatred with the Muhajirs was truly his hate with Pakistan’s Movement and the two-nation theory. He said that the Karachiites would definitely close their businesses over the killings of innocent youth of the city. He said that the media had imposed unannounced ban on the speeches of MQM Chief Altaf Hussain on the TV channels.
Member Coordination Committee Syed Haider Abbas Rizvi said that a federal minister had called the entire Muhajir with weird language which was unacceptable. He said that if someone had any grievances with MQM then he should criticize its policy but showing hatred with the entire community reflected their extreme prejudices.
He said that they had been sacrificed for inception of Pakistan and also participated with the newly-born country to progress for the nation. He said that the banks, insurance companies, industries, educational institutes and even the national airlines PIA was also the gift of a Muahjir, Abul Hasan Asfahani.
Member Coordination Committee Qamar Mansoor said that the Muhajirs, especially the Urdu-speaking community were being treated like 3rd grade citizens. He demanded the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to ask Khawaja Asif to apologize Muhajirs for his shameful remarks.

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