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Democracy sans local government is incomplete: Dr Maqbool Siddiqui

Democracy sans local government is incomplete: Dr Maqbool Siddiqui
 Posted on: 7/19/2013
Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee’s Deputy Convener, Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, said here on Friday that democracy without local governments in the country was incomplete.
“The Local Bodies Act, 1979 negates the Constitution’s Article 140- A and hence it cannot be enforced,” he added.
He was speaking at the inauguration of park `Khursheed Begum Park’ developed in Buffer Zone’s 15-A-4 with the funds of Haq Parast MNA, Shaikh Salahuddin. The ceremony was largely attended by elders, youths, women and children of the locality, Karachi Tanzeemi Committee’s members and office-bearers of the area’s sector and unit committees.
MQM Coordination Committee’s Member Aminul Haque, Shaikh Mohammad Salahuddin, MPA Jamal Ahmed, in their brief speeches, apprised the public about the international conspiracies hatched against the MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain.
Dr Siddiqui said that the MQM was in favour that the local bodies elections should be held as soon as possible and for which it was fully prepared.
Talking about the MQM’s welfare projects, Dr Siddiqui said that at a time when the government had ignored Karachi, the Haq Parast MNA’s gift of the park was a proof that the party even under such trying circumstances was serving the masses.
He said that the city contributed 70 per cent to the national exchequer, providing funds for the construction of schools, hospitals, roads in the country.
He said that although the conspiracies against the MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain had spread abroad, the faith of Muttahida’s workers and people in the leadership of Mr Hussain has further increased. “In fact, whenever MQM faced such challenges, we got more courage and closer to our destination because such conspiracies doesn’t affect us,” he remarked.
On this occasion, Dr Siddiqui vowed that the MQM would get its destination under the dynamic leadership of Mr Hussain.
Later, talking to newsmen, he said that any such local bodies system whereby the rights of the people would be usurped could not help provide facilities to the people.
Voicing his concern over the law and order situation of Sindh, he demanded of Federal and Sindh governments to take concrete measures for restoring peace in Karachi and said that the MQM in the interest of the city’s law and order was ready to talk to anyone.

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