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Rehman Malik meets MQM Coordination Committee in London

Rehman Malik meets MQM Coordination Committee in London
 Posted on: 7/19/2013
Pakistan People’s Party leader and a former Federal Interior Minister, Senator Rehman Malik, met on Friday the Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s Coordination Committee, London and discussed in detail the country’s overall political situation, particularly of Sindh, MQM-PPP relations and other matters of mutual interest.
The meeting held at the Muttahida’s International Secretariat was attended by the party’s Coordination Committee’s London chapter’s Deputy Convener Nadeem Nusrat and Members Tariq Javaid, Kunwar Naveed, Muhammad Anwar, Wasay Jalil, Muhammad Ashfaq, Mustafa Azizabadi and Qasim Ali Raza.
Mr Malik, who is also PPP’s vice president for overseas, conveyed a message of goodwill, on behalf of President Asif Ali Zardari,  to MQM chief Altaf Hussain and lauded his role for the stability of democratic system in the country.
The PPP leader on this occasion once again invited MQM to join the government, saying that both the MQM and PPP which in the past had jointly worked for peace, stability and promotion of democracy should again join hands together in the supreme interest of Sindh’s peace, stability and democratic system.
Agreeing with the Coordination Committee that dialogue should continue, Mr Malik reiterated that whether MQM joins the government or not, mutual contacts and cooperation between both the MQM and PPP should continue for peace, stability and promotion of democracy in the country, particularly in Sindh and as well as for better relations between both the parties.
The matter relating to the forthcoming presidential election was also discussed on the occasion and it was agreed that presidential poll’s schedule should be reviewed and it be held after completion of by-elections on National and provincial assemblies.
The Coordination Committee, on behalf of Altaf Hussain, felicitated Malik whose son, Umer Rehman, did his graduation in actuarial sciences.

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