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Haq Parast Senators voice concern over forcible occupation of Kutcchi community’s houses

Haq Parast Senators voice concern over forcible occupation of Kutcchi community’s houses
 Posted on: 7/5/2013 1
Senators belonging to Muttahida Quami Movement have strongly condemned the acts of terrorism being committed against the Kutcchi community of Lyari, Agra Taj Colony and its adjacent localities by the criminal elements.
In a joint statement issued on Friday, the Haq Parast Senators said that it was an irony that the Kutcchi community which rendered immense sacrifices for creation of Pakistan and were playing pivotal role for the progress and prosperity of the country were being targeted and terrorized by terrorists belonging to the so-called People’s Amn Committee in Lyari and its other adjacent localities.
Deploring that the people belonging to the Kutcchi community who were being killed and maimed during the terrorists’ attacks on their houses were being compelled to flee from their ancestral localities, the Senators said that although the abandoned houses of the community were being forcibly occupied by criminal elements, no action was being taken to nab the terrorists indulging in such unlawful acts.
They also regretted that in spite of the fact that Kutchi Community has been holding peaceful protest demonstrations against the atrocities being committed against it, Sindh government was not paying any heed to their just grievances.
They demanded of Sindh government to take stern action against the criminal elements involved in terrorist activities against the Kutcchi community, bring a halt to attacks on their houses, besides providing protection to their lives and properties.

7/21/2018 10:33:00 AM