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MQM condemns People’s Amn Committee’s acts of terrorism

MQM condemns People’s Amn Committee’s acts of terrorism
 Posted on: 7/5/2013 1
Muttahida Quami Movement’s Coordination Committee has strongly condemned the terrorist activities of the gangsters of the so-called People’s Amn Committee in Lyari, Agra Taj Colony, Behar Colony and other adjacent localities.
Expressing over the killings of Kutcchi and other peaceful communities residing in Lyari and its adjacent localities, the Committee deplored that though the terrorists belonging to the Peoples Amn Committee were subjecting them to torture, the law-enforcement agencies were playing the role of silent spectators.
In a hard-hitting statement issued on Friday, the Committee demanded of the government to immediately protect lives and properties of the people residing in Lyari and its adjacent localities by taking stern action against the terrorists involved in such heinous crimes.
Notorious criminals of the disbanded PAC have made the life of the residents of Lyari, especially those of Kutcchi, Kathiawari, Memon and other communities, miserable, the Committee said, adding that the gangsters of the banned PAC were openly targeting the residents of Lyari, Agra Taj Colony, Behar Colony, Baghdadi, Kalri, Hingorabad and in severe other areas, besides  indulging in different acts of terrorism such as extortion, kidnapping for ransom and killings of the innocent people.
The Committee regretted that the poor and oppressed people of the Kutcchi have been, on the one hand, deprived of their right of living with peace and harmony and, on the other, they were being kidnapped and brutally murdered by the terrorists who, it added, were indulging in genocide of the community.
The Committee said that it was the primary duty of the Sindh government to protect lives and property of the citizens, besides ensuring them their basic rights.
Accusing the people at the helm of affairs in Sindh province and few leaders of the People’s Party were openly patronizing the terrorists of the disbanded PAC, the Committee deplored that although the gangsters were forcibly extorting money from traders, industrialists and shopkeepers of the city, it seemed that there was no authority which could apprehend them. 
The Committee said that the atrocities being committed against the innocent people had compelled innocent women, children, youths and elderly people of different areas of the Lyari to stage protest demonstration.
Expressing solidarity with the suppressed people of Lyari, including the Kutcchi community, the Committee warned that if the terrorists of the PAC were not arrested immediately, they might extend their terrorist activities across the city.
The Committee demanded of Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad and Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to take prompt notice of the peaceful protest of the Kutcchi community who were being kidnapped, killed by the terrorists of the PAC.

7/18/2018 1:32:51 PM