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State Should Come Forward to Help BOL TV employees on humanitarian grounds: Altaf Hussain

State Should Come Forward to Help BOL TV employees on humanitarian grounds: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/29/2015
In Axact fiasco, BOL TV employees must not suffer; Investigations must be made public: Altaf Hussain

The founder and leader of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Mr. Altaf Hussain while speaking to the coordination committee and different organizational wings of the MQM has appealed that unless a decision comes from the court in the on going Axact fiasco, the employees of BOL TV should be provided with allowances to have both end meet and keep them and their families from any compromising situation.

He said that it was the fundamental right of every citizen to lawfully earn bread and butter and exercising the same right Shoaib Sheikh founded the company named Axact that employed thousands of people and that had been working for years. The name of the company was only made public when they announced that they are going to launch a state of the art TV channel that is going to be second to none technically and would work on scientific grounds. Soon the company started to hire journalist, news directors, producers, set designers, artists, anchors and all other technical people on highly market competitive remuneration packages. He added that ever since it has been allowed to establish a private TV channel in Pakistan after PTV, around 100 different channels of different genre, size and magnitude have been established. 

He asked, if there was any TV channel in the country that had hired any technical staff and / or any news anchor, producer, political analyst and so forth without a prior experience and most of them are expected to have a similar experience from a different TV channel.

He said that investigation against Axact are already underway and the transparency demands that all the details of the investigation should be made public. He further said that around 2,500 people working in BOL TV in different capacities did not form Axact neither they are responsible for the matter that has fixed Axact into investigations,hence the employees of BOL TV must not suffer and their financial issues must not be further aggravated. 

Mr. Hussain said that other than the top fat cat executives, there are hundreds of employees including technical staff of BOL TV who happened to be the sole bread winner of their families and are badly suffering because of the current circumstances and even the female staff of the organizations have been dealt with like criminals and have been harassed by the LEAs which is not justified at all and is condemnable act.

He called on the top executive of the country including the Prime Minister, Federal Interior Minister, Chief Minister Sindh and Director Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to take remedial step and help the employees of BOL TV from falling victim to bad financial crunch that may lead to starvation of their families and ensure their financial help from the government unless the matter is properly solved from the competent court. Along with that, he also appealed to the human rights organizations and different unions of journalist to consider it a pure humanitarian crisis and help the employees as much as possible from their relevant platforms.

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7/22/2018 5:02:40 PM