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Altaf Hussain takes back his decision to relinquish MQM leadership on the appeals of workers

Altaf Hussain takes back his decision to relinquish MQM leadership on the appeals of workers
 Posted on: 6/30/2013
Agencies should hunt the killers of Dr Imran Farooq and bring them to justice instead of trying to implicate me in his murder
The Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain has taken back his decision to relinquish the leadership of the party on the passionate appeals of the Co-ordination Committee, members of assemblies, and office-bearers and workers of various wings of the MQM. He announced his decision while addressing large gatherings of workers at his residence Nine Zero in Karachi and other cities, including Hyderabad, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Tando Allahyar and other cities of Sindh.
A large number of workers started arriving at Nine Zero and other offices in different other cities soon after hearing the news that Mr Hussain had voluntarily relinquished the leadership of the MQM. The workers made sit-ins and expressed their love for Mr Hussain by raising high-pitched slogans.
While addressing the emotionally-charged workers, Mr Hussain said that the Scotland Yard had carried a raid on his residence, and they had taken away a number of things from there after long hours of searching. He said that he had asked the police to take away with them whatever they wanted but had requested them to provide a list of things that they were carrying. He said that the police department had not provided him the list of the things that they had carried after the raid.
Mr Hussain said that a lawyers’ firm was engaged to handle the situation that had sent a lawyer on the day the raid was carried out but no information was available as yet. It was because of this that he had said that he would not hire any lawyer for defending himself if any charge was brought against him in a court of law. He said that his conscience was clear, and he would fight his case himself.
Mr Hussain said that he was being asked about the source of funding. He said that he had millions of admirers who contribute silently without even asking for receipts. He said that objections were being raised to this while nothing was being said about the huge properties of other leaders of Pakistan worth billions of pounds.
Mr Hussain said that he was being targeted because he was speaking for the poor and disadvantaged people. He said that all conspiracies against the MQM would come to nothing, and the blood of martyrs would bring forth a revolution in the country. He said that the national and international establishment was against him because only he was speaking against the oppressive feudal system.
Mr Hussain said that he had not broken any law in Britain, and he would not do so in future as well. He said that he would fight his case in a court of law without caring about the outcome.
Mr Hussain said that  the party membership of Dr Imran Farooq was suspended in the past because of a violation of the party discipline and code of conduct. Although he was stopped from taking party in party activities yet he used to live with other colleagues. The Scotland Yard summoned Muhammad Anwar and interrogated him like a criminal. It was said that the life of Dr Farooq was in danger.
He said that the police also talked to him and inquired if he had any dispute with Dr Farooq. They even asked if he had been keeping Dr Farooq in confinement. The police were told that these reports were totally baseless. They met Dr Farooq, who himself denied that he was living peacefully, and that he was not being detained anywhere against his will.
Mr Hussain said that he had seen through the conspiracy, and it was evident that his would continue in future as well. It was being said on TV talk shows that two persons had arrived via Kathmandu after the murder of Dr Farooq, and that they were arrested by Pakistani agencies.
Mr Hussain said that there were agencies such as MI5, MI6 and the Scotland Yard in Britain. These agencies should hunt the killers of Dr Farooq and bring them to justice instead of trying to implicate him in the murder in any manner.
He said that different persons were used against the MQM in the past, but they failed in their conspiracies. He said it became very difficult for him to continue as a leader of a party after his house was raided on mere suspicion of money laundering and involvement in the murder of Dr Farooq.
Speaking about the proceedings against General Pervez Musharraf under article 6 of the Constitution, Mr Hussain said that no intellectual worth his name had the courage to explain as why the treason case against Gen Musharraf was being registered for his action on 3rd November 2007. He asked why Gen Musharraf was not being proceeded against for imposing the martial law on 12th October 1999. He further asked how the action on 12th October could be justified if the similar action on 3rd November was wrong.

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